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    I used a GTX660 Ti and an Intel i5 with 4GB of ram for quite some time but you can go even lower than that. Here are some recommended specs:

    As long as the graphics card supports OpenGL 4 with 512Mb or better 1GB it should ok. From my experience NVidia produces better drivers with fewer headaches or issues on OpenGL (which RC7 uses). The processor is not as important.

    Hi, tank you, for the answer. what do you think about this basic solution:

    matherboard ASUS PRIME b450M-a

    CPU ryzen 3 2200g.

    GPU rx 570.

    PSU 450w.

    WD SSD 250gb

    Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 C16 1x8GB

    Windows 10

    Thank you again.

    Best regarde

    Hello, Sorry about my english, i would like assemble a PC for playing Just RC 7 at 1080p, Notting else. I don't want spend a penny for more than that. What you expert suggest. I don't care about new or old system, the most important think is Easy to use and not trouble at all. Tank everybody.