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    Hi ipacs

    Thanks for you respond, and it makes sense that you dont save all data at 1000times a second, now i think about it.

    And i was not supposed to put "mod" in the text. What i meant was the replay button thing...

    Keep up the good work

    Hi aerofly mods and others.

    It seems that the replay mod only does one of of X Y Z, and it’s really been bugging me as it sort of destroys the else than that really good game.

    If you haven’t spotted the mistake then:

    1: do a landing

    2: open replay thingie

    3: watch from the side

    Sorry if this is a annoying question

    Cap. A

    Hi ipacs/readerThis is a truly awsome game that I personally love.
    With realistic flight dynamics and so on. Tho there is a cupple of more things I personally would like.
    1: adjustable luggage wait/passenger wait
    2: storms at different places so f.x. the airbus weather radar isn’t useless
    3: ground services
    4: tire smoke upon landing
    5: fuel usage
    6: a bigger fleet (F.X. A350, B787 A340, ECJ 175, ATR 72 and so on

    7: adjustable fuel

    Thanks for your reply A321-200XR

    I have done some research, and have found out that the runway required for an A380-800 to take off, is 2,900 feet. Why can I then take of the A380 without a overrun with flaps set to 2? (im guessing that the A380 is the -800) Well that’s unrealistic as the runway length of San Carlos is 2,621 feet? But that’s another thing for another time. Tho a thing that would be nice is if there was tire touchdown smoke. Thanks all for the reply’s it helped.

    Reply, if you want a demonstration of the A380 taking off from San Carlos.

    I’m writing this stirring in the back of a car on my phone so sorry for any grammatical errors

    Cap. Aron

    Hi iPacs,

    I have been doing a lot of landings lately. Mostly in the 777

    When landing at Oakland runway 30, the 777 uses 1/4 of the runway. Tho the runway is 3.206 meters long and the 777 needs approximately 2440 meters to land.

    I think it sorts of ruins the realism of the game.

    It’s a game breaker for me.

    Thanks for reading

    Cap. Aron


    Iv Bern playng aerofly fs 2 on my Computer{<-edit} since 18 December 2014, so I have played almost since the start

    Now I play on the 2020 version. And there is more planes but i don’t think that there is enough planes, I would love to have planes like the sr71-blackbird, 787 8/10, 737-800 and a350. And love more companies, like spirit, Ryanair and SAS.

    Thanks for reading Cap. Aron