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    hi guys its me again... i have downloaded all the DLC in aerofly fs2021 android.. and am happy to say that in my phone.. i can spawn any airport and i haven't experienced any sim crash... as ussual am using samsung galaxy a30 with 6gb free internal memory...the size of the simulator with all the scenery downloaded is 11gb the simulator runs atleast smoothly.. the lags are not as frequent as in 2020 version.. good work devs

    @captain joe: What version number is shown in the 'about' menu? Does the EC-135 crash right away after starting or are you doing something?

    am using version 20.20.47.. and it crashes while on flight approximatelly 10minutes after i have started flying.. and the performance too has dropped again the plane was fast i mean normal speed as the other planes in the previous update but in this update that came out in 21 oct 2020 version 20.20.47 the EC 135 performance has gone down the plane is too slow and after 10mins of flight it crashes

    We have updated the Android version of Aerofly FS 2020. This version should no longer crash the EC135 helicopter when the framerate is low. We have published this version in the beta channel on the Google Play store. To opt into the beta follow this link.

    am using the latest version and it still crash... and it behaves the same.. the while the engines are on the avionics just sudenly switch off and later the game crashes

    i idont have any externall controler.. and i pull the collective slowly upto atleast 55 to 60% before the plane lifts up then after a few miles of flying it starts misbehaving and then the game crashes. the maximum i have ever pulled the collective is 80%

    It's interesting that the electronics turn off first. How exactly do you fly the ec135?

    Do you pull the collective slider all the way up, do you fly with an external controller connected because I don't see any on screen touch interface at all

    how can i send you a 10sec video am trying to post it here in the forum but its says file too big..

    Does the engine quit and then the aircraft crashes or do you experience a game crash, too?

    the engine does not quit the electronics just go off and then after seconds the game itself crashes...or sometime helicopters turns drastically to the left followed by the avionics restarting and then it crash

    after the recent update for my samsung galaxy A30 the game crash i dont understand why.. but the plane speed is well since the update.. the performance have improved but the game always crashes after a few minutes if flying the EC135. As you can see from the screenshot when flying the planes equipments suddenly switches off and after few seconds it crashes.. what could be the problem please devs solve it.. am using android 10.0 and free space of 11gb

    hi virtual aerofly pilots and developer, my question is when flying the EC135 it seems very slow whether you are flying at its maximum speed of 145ts or 155kts.. i have done a flight from va medical to alcatraz using the helicopter and the same flight using c172 with the same speed but the helicopter took long to reach the destination, i would really like if the developer can explain or slove this issue coz the same issue is in the robbinson thank you

    There are better ways to earn money ... Substituting aerofly 2020 for aerofly 2021 and having the same thing that is called scam ... I and I advised ipacs to use social networks, Instagram channel, youtube, facebook to advertise their product and not even do I think they are rather not interested in selling it ... They can also earn money by offering new regions at 2 or 3 euros ... Also new planes at 5 euros seems like a fair price to me .. But I really don't know what ipacs are looking for

    good idea bro... they should learn otherways of earning money from us... but i wont spend my coin for AFS2021 but if they bring an update lets say for example more regions to purchase or even more planes to purchase.. that one i can pay and be able to access but spending another 8dollar or more for the same game its a no to me

    It’s pure speculation the fact they will sell the update as AFS 2021. They said somewhere in the blog, I think, there’ll be a major update this year and big new features after that.

    There’s 2 choices: whether they sell a new Aerofly each year or so or they enter in a subscription program. I suppose they need to earn money as I do, as we do.

    We’ll see to what sauce we’ll be eaten (a French expression word by word translated);)

    if its all about subscription this will be good because we will be able to access the global map, real weather and time.. maybe a multiplayer.. making this game to qualify to be a simulator but if its all about milking our pockets again with update and branding the same game as AFS 2021 then they wont be able to milk me coz this AFS 2020 was the last coin they will ever get out of my pocket.. the developers need money but they are very ignorant.. i hate this about ipac.. if am spending my hard earned money to appreciate and purchase their product then they should respect all the client whether mobile or desktop version.. if only ipac respect all their clients then this game could and have the potential to be the best simulator in both pc and mobile anyway thats my personal view

    what i can say about this update is that mobile users don't be in a hurry the update might be released end 2020 or early 2021 because we all know ipac take their time in building their game and they take it very slow... so lets be patient

    but it would be like other simulator.. download the data for your route then fly, we use online and still have the default scenery for those who don't wish to subscribe and would like to fly the default it would be win and win for both side

    hi developers i had a question or an idea.. having played aerofly fs 2020 and learning how beautifull the scenery i had an idea, why don't you add a global scenery instead of choosing some small regions and rename the aerofly fs 2020 mobile to just aerofly fs mobile and maybe add monthly subscriptions so as to make the simulator more popular, do you think this is possible according to you developers????