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    Can you please explain how you did that?

    Thank you

    Hi Maurice,

    First time back on the forum since I gave that answer, I've just started the sim and can't get the button to display the map in VR, odd, it works in 2D still. I'll do some more investigation as it's been a while since I've redone my key and button bindings. and i'm mainly on another sim at the moment.

    Not sure if this has been resolved yet, but I think there's a basic misunderstanding here.

    When the autopilot is in APR (approach mode) it will track the localiser, heading has nothing to do with it when in the approach mode other than the AP turning the aircraft to react to the wind trying to blow the aircraft off the localiser course.

    Adjusting the course setting on the RMI or HSI will have no effect on the autopilots ability to track the localiser as the localiser beams are fixed to the approach track. I think some are getting confused with using the course settings for tracking a specific radial for a VOR (which radiates 360 different radials).

    The CDI will remain centred on the localiser when captured by the AP in APR mode, though the heading indication will deviate as the AP adjusts for the wind to stay on the localiser beam.

    If you fly the localiser manually, you are making the heading corrections to keep the localiser CDI centred.

    I am the one who wants to pilot the ec135, not that the machine does it for me, my ignorance in these matters are great. Another question if you are so kind, I want to pilot the ec135 in realistic mode

    Thank you very much for helping this beginner.

    Can I suggest flying the R22 for real hands on helicopter flying, it's so basic and requires good handling, of course there's no integral navigation system so it won't meet your needs for navigating unless using the generic map. The EC135 is at the other end of the scale, it is designed to be very easy to fly and navigate (it's really a very stable mission platform). It can be flown without the autopilot engaged of course and can be a bit of a handful. Our 6 monthly check includes a portion with take off and landing without the AP engaged just to make sure we're up to it!

    I use the Next Level V3 motion platform with FS2, there is a flow of data between the sim and the platform, there's even a profile included for FS2 with the platform manager. it's not great to be fair, but when flying the helicopters it does add to the immersion.

    Brilliant implementation Steve! It's been nearly 20 years since I last flew Lynx with 659 Sqn (Mk9), even longer since I turned the MASS to TOW! All you need is a flickering engine oil pressure gauge and the smell of comp wash to finish it off.