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    I wouldn’t say they’re losing to them. I’ll just talk mobile since this is the Mobile thread. RFS is very cheap and the product shows it. IF needs to improve very with its scenery. Again, AFS2020 isn’t doing bad at all.

    Sure he does, and since the mobile and desktop version now share the same code, mabye it's just a click away. But I could imagine that 3D trees have a huge impact on performance - in negative terms.

    The moderates have confirmed that trees don’t impact the performance. They’ll do the same as they did with buildings; spread the buildings so it doesn’t effect the performance. Just not sure why they haven’t added them to mobile.

    I have seen the EFB in the B777 shows a very basic diagram of the airport the plane is at. I understand this is not a big feature and the team is working on bigger and better features. Still, how are you guys planning on implementing airport diagrams, approach charts, etc. Will we be able search airports and it’s diagrams? Any plan on how to implement this or is this yet to be discussed?

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    global map is the first and main key to success , it could be streamed (like in IF and XP10) so it doesnt take as much of space

    The developers have all of this in mind. They’re taking their time because they’re a small team. Also, when they add a feature they make it to perfection. Meaning it’ll be optimized for mobile and PC and will be running smooth in VR. Just like the 777-300ER, it’s by far the best 777 on mobile. There are features missing but they’ll add that slowly.

    Global is on their top proprieties, weather is also planned and so are pushback trucks. They want to get everything right.

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    I believe that, but for some people its hard to believe (a time ago me too) because your not showing ANYTHING at all. The last major thing that was "Announced" was middle January. We have April now. I get that youre a small team, but you cant tell me you have 0 Info on the Progress of this or other Features.

    They work on features but some don’t work out. Imagine they put out an announcement for a feature and a month later they announce that it’s removed because of reasons. In my opinion that would destroy some players hope.

    What the team does is work on a feature and keep developing it. When it reaches around 90% of completion they release info like the turbofan engine simulation. (This is what I speculate what the team does.)

    Best regards to the team, please keep developing and releasing updates.

    even if not, MSFS 2020 will simply DESTROY AFS2. Not just because it has more Features etc... The Graphics and the Weather alone for an example will drown AFS2

    Thats true but we still don’t know the pc requirements for MSFS 2020, also don’t forget AFS2 runs very smooth. I guess time will tell. One more thing, this game will do huge in the mobile industry when big updates come. So that is one plus. I highly doubt MSFS 2020 will EVER come to mobile.

    I recently saw the IF tutorial on how to use ForeFlight with the simulator. Sorry to compare the two sims and it’s features but it would be really nice if Aerofly had the ability to sync with ForeFlight. Also with Aerofly it can be realistic since 90% of the cockpit features work. Also airport diagrams would be shown in the ForeFlight app and approach too.

    Is there a plan to add this feature to the game? It will be very nice to have this feature in the game. Or if you aren’t going to add this what’s the reason?

    This wouldn’t be ideal. If they implement your idea the games global airports will look like RFS airports. I think they’re best of doing their best work in a region with the city and the airports and then release it.

    I hope they carry their humor all around the US as they add more regions. Also those moving couple or even moving vehicles In the airport.

    Maybe even add moving traffic if possible. These guys can bring anything to mobile.

    These are things we certainly would like to add but we can't yet give an estimate on when this will happen. There is a lot of demand for this which is why they also get very high priority on our side.

    As long as they’re highly prioritized. It’s good news that you guys have this planned for the future.

    Just keep adding regions slowly, it’s amazing.

    Related question but a bit different. Since there is HD scenery up in Washington and in the West, does that mean those will be the new regions? Like Seattle and Phoenix Sky Harbor?

    This happened in FS 2019, the Denver side had HD scenery and we the Int’l airport.

    At least a clue to what the next region is because more airports would be amazing.

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    It's hard to put a percentage on that. Even the real world (M)CDUs are still being expanded and not every aircraft out there has all the features installed. That means an older aircraft that is flying around today may only have 40% of the FMC features of a newer aircraft. Nowadays you can write text messages to ATC with these devices, get weather briefings, contact the company, send maintenance reports and much more.

    So I could just pick any number really :D

    How much is working? You can create a basic flight plan from one airport to another, select runway for departure and arrival, add new waypoints/VORs, set performance figures like the v-speeds, acceleration and thrust reduction altitudes, etc. in most of our FMCs. We plan to expand the functionality over time, e.g. to select full approaches and departures, airways, etc which is not yet possible.

    Our goal is to enable experienced users to create flight plans and go through all of the typical preflight setup and maybe also add a bit of the "fun stuff" like that ATC messaging, weather requests, etc. At the same time we want to enable all these features from the menu for all users that don't want to use the rather complicated FMC.

    Other and much bigger features have priority at the moment though.

    That’s a lot of good stuff to hear. Seems like the FMC will be lot more fun to use when it’s overhauled.

    Still wonder what the bigger features will be, so can’t wait to use them when they’re released. Thanks for the response.

    I don’t have much idea on how to use the FMC in the airliners. I’m slowly learning how to use it from the wiki. So, I wanted to know how much the FMC is completed? From 1 - 100%, where is it currently?

    Is the FMC one of the priorities on the list of to-do’s?

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    This feature is right on the edge of what's possible with the current flight plan implementation but we're planning to overhaul it at some point to fully enable these features.

    How is the development going on the over haul of the FMC you’ve mentioned here?

    I think the mobile community would love even a little update on it.

    -Thank you.

    No, the lights don't add lag, there are not actually that many. Only millions of buildings have an impact and only if they are not split up into groups.

    Trees and lights can be rendered very quickly.

    Since this statement is true, NYC won’t look the same in mobile as it does in PC. Since there are tons of buildings in New York, but I hope you guys figure it out so it doesn’t lag. I really hope New York is the next region.

    So the question, will NYC in mobile be similar to the desktop version?

    Can’t wait fo fly across USA, KSAN to KJFK!!!!

    Sure, a couple of quick grabs below. To be fair the simulation is only available in the desk top version. The green arrows show lift and the length of the arrow denotes wind strength. The red arrows denote sinking air.

    I’ll be honest the desktop currently also has features which can’t be brought to the mobile version, so it’s understandable. The old water is another story. But yea that simulation is cool, I didn’t know about it.