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    I was also interested in Air Manager support and have modified the external DLL code to output UDP flight data that emulates X-plane. I have not tried this with Air Manager yet but it works with my own opengl instrument displays originally written for X-Plane 10 and also XPDisplay which allows a really useful moving map display driven by the simulators lat/long positioning data. If anyone is interested I would be happy to supply or post the updated external DLL code but use at your own risk and don't expect support!


    My local airport is Southampton, but my favorite from ORBX for X-Plane would be London City. Sure it would be nice to have these airports available in FS2 but it isn't essential. For me (and I suspect many flight simmers) FS2 wins hands down for giving the feeling of actually flying (whether in VR or not) because of its high frame rates and fluidity. If you want to fly to or from your local airport in detail you have two choices - buy and use the scenery for X-Plane or have a go at creating your own in FS2.

    As you say not cockpit builder friendly but...

    I have just downloaded the SDK tools and there is an example of an external DLL that suggests you can get the data out of FS2. Before Air Manager I coded my own basic OpenGL glass cockpit for X-Plane using the UDP output feature. This displayed the primary flight instruments on a separate networked PC. I plan to try and use the external DLL interface to do the same for FS2 - assuming this system does work! I assume VRM must be using this feature to drive their hardware. Anyone had any use of the SDK for simulation output?

    Thats a shame. Though not a deal breaker having Air Manager support was one of the features that attracted me to FS2. Having worked in the software industry it seems all that is needed is for a couple of engineers from both sides to get together and come up with an ICD which can be implemented in both products. That said I am also aware how difficult it is to get management approval and funding for work. Don't suppose IPACS would be amenable to 'crowd funding'?

    Does anyone know if it is still the case that Air Manager doesn't work with FS2? I have been trying the PC demo version of Air Manager 3.6 with FS2. It does mention FS2 on the plugin installer and you can select Aerofly FS2 on the manual connect settings but Air Manager never sees FS2. On the same system X-Plane and FSX work OK and FS2 is not blocked in the firewall. Any info would be appreciated.

    I have only in the last two days purchased and installed Aerofly FS2 having run FSX and X-Plane for many years and I have to say it is an absolute revelation for someone who just wants to FLY! I am a bit cynical of Microsoft using the release of FS 2020 to promote XBox and Windows 10, and I have found X-Plane 11 a disappointment - it is sluggish and 'dumbed down' compared to previous releases. As for ORBX and True Earth, I installed True Earth GB for X-Plane but only really found the additional buildings and landmarks worthwhile. In fact I replaced the ORBX Orthophotography with the Horizon VFR Scenery textures for X-Plane 9/10. Flying over New York in FS2 blows anything ORBX have done away in my opinion. If IPACS can produce scenery of the calibre of NE USA I don't think we should get too hung up about ORBX not continuing to support Aerofly products. I look forward to installing UK scenery from the FS2 community - who knows I might have a go at adding some myself.