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    Hi jetjockey 10,

    I have worked through the above manual. Everything works fine but, when it comes to flying the learjet won't follow the set route.

    I set up everything like the example flight. Maybe just one switch may set wrong . I don't know what to do.


    Hi pilots,

    well I started to make it easy with a Cessna. Then I made a flight plan according to the tutorial.

    Then I tried to program the autopilot as follows:

    1. I switched it on

    2. Then I set ALT to 6000 ft

    3. The I set it on NAV

    Then I switched it off and started, after I was airborne I switched autopilot on

    But it flew arbitrary somewhere. What did I wrong. Maybe I programmed autopilot in a wrong matter.


    Hi Community,

    I'm a total newcomer to the game. Has anybody a suggestion for a reasonable general setting. A good setting for autopilot would be fine also and appreciated. Since the manual looks more like a joke to me it would be nice to attach pictures. I intend to fly the learjet, so that's why I also need help for setting of the autopilot. By the way my joystick is a thrustmaster.

    Best regards