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    I have now taken a closer look at SBRP RIBEIRÃO PRETO / Leite Lopes in FS 4. In the STEAM version with "Global scenery = enabled" SBRP is, in my opinion, already quite well equipped:

    Hence my question:

    • Which lights do you specifically miss, what would you like to add?

    It might be possible to implement an addition as a POI using simple text files. But first I need to know a little more precisely what you want to add.

    Some runway lights and PAPIS are missing in some airports in Brasil

    Greetings to everyone here, I'm happy to see Aerofly taking longer and longer steps!!

    I would like to suggest to the team the possibility of having a mobile tablet device on the planes, where we can access charts without having to use a second screen, in addition to having a Route chart.

    I think it would be an important step for those of us who are training to be commercial pilots and be able to use the sim for more technical cases.

    There are some free applications that we have access to, which have all the necessary cards, perhaps this could be a guide.

    I'm here to help too.

    Hello, I reported a bug on the A321 earlier and I thought I had fixed it after reinstalling the application, but on the contrary, it still persists, basically the autothrust is taking the plane to overspeed, when it passes 10 thousand feet, it wants the plane to arrive at 400 knots, which is completely meaningless, here is a print demonstrating this:

    I tried to reproduce this here, however in the PC version it is in accordance with the standard. Try flying in controlled speed mode until you get the answer

    Hello IPACS team,

    I just want to put out there that the rudder is too sensitive even at the smallest inputs to stay on the yellow line on the taxiway perfectly without rolling uncontrollably left and right, so I just wanted to ask if y’all were already aware of this issue and are looking for a fix to put out in a future update (No pressure).

    Thanks in Advance!

    Try taxiing with just one engine, then you will see how important it is! 😅

    A321 NEO in Aerofly it would be a great model for Airbus fans :)

    Hello everyone

    I'm trying to replace a sound on the A320, I created the WAV file according to what was in the .tmb file and carried out the same processes as a user wrote here, but when running the aircraft converter this log message appeared and the documents folder is empty without the file .tsb can anyone help me with this?

    note: I copied those three files present in the dr400 folder

    I just saw that a youtuber calles Lucas Bravo showed some videos with Airport Scenery of LHR / EGLL and in the comments he mentioned that he transfered the airport Data from mobile version to PC version. Can somebody give me a quick description how to that and what requirements are necessary? Can someone mentioned which airports are available for mobile? Thanks a lot!

    Hi regards, about these scenarios, yes it is Exported from the Android version (at my own risk) the @P_L_A_Y user also knows how to export! It is very laborious, as I have to search my Android for the UK scenario in the folder and then carry out the process. I do not indicate because there are some errors that appear in the scenario from time to time, and this process is against the developers' rules. I don't know about the next update, but maybe it already brings these scenarios much more worked than what appears in my videos!

    Hi Everyone!

    I have an A320 sound file created by me this file records the plane's takeoff in the cockpit and another file in the wing I don't know what the AFS2 sound folder Contains this moment and how can I add this any ideas?

    So why don't the team update airports and planes soon? since one of the problems mentioned was that in the pc version the textures would be in low quality and yes I looked in your photos and it seems that the scenery is in good quality and without black spot

    my god i want an update =O

    Well, let's go...
    I'm not saying that everything is perfect first I would like to run on Vulkan, but I can't I'm ok with this, the UK scenery has a bug of big black rectangles that sometimes appear when approaching London city or pausing the simulator, other than the deviation from the course of the runway finder of extracted airports where you land on the side of the runway when proceeding in AutoLanding... (I never reported this here because the scenery of cities and airports was extracted from the mobile version which is obviously not the best option due to certain bugs), perhaps that is one of the reasons for the long delay for the update this has been said several times here on the forum.

    So for those who can't live with some bugs like the most, the best way is to wait for an update with no bug. But regarding the quality of airports for me it seems to be standard for the others contained in the AFS2.

    Maybe they're setting up an even better scenario or adding other things like PushBack, weather .... who knows? (just a guess don't be guided by this as maybe it's not a true truth)!

    Yes the quality and resolution of UK airports are excellent in my view, but also as I run in 4K I hardly get low quality textures, but yes the quality increases and adjusts to the game's settings in the PC version.