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    I just saw that a youtuber calles Lucas Bravo showed some videos with Airport Scenery of LHR / EGLL and in the comments he mentioned that he transfered the airport Data from mobile version to PC version. Can somebody give me a quick description how to that and what requirements are necessary? Can someone mentioned which airports are available for mobile? Thanks a lot!

    Hi regards, about these scenarios, yes it is Exported from the Android version (at my own risk) the @P_L_A_Y user also knows how to export! It is very laborious, as I have to search my Android for the UK scenario in the folder and then carry out the process. I do not indicate because there are some errors that appear in the scenario from time to time, and this process is against the developers' rules. I don't know about the next update, but maybe it already brings these scenarios much more worked than what appears in my videos!

    Dear developers, the appearance of the engines and the rotation animation are not very realistic, will there be a fix for these?

    Some plane textures in the mobile version are not supported, the planes in the PC version have the same texture as the real photo

    Hi Everyone!

    I have an A320 sound file created by me this file records the plane's takeoff in the cockpit and another file in the wing I don't know what the AFS2 sound folder Contains this moment and how can I add this any ideas?

    So why don't the team update airports and planes soon? since one of the problems mentioned was that in the pc version the textures would be in low quality and yes I looked in your photos and it seems that the scenery is in good quality and without black spot

    my god i want an update =O

    Well, let's go...
    I'm not saying that everything is perfect first I would like to run on Vulkan, but I can't I'm ok with this, the UK scenery has a bug of big black rectangles that sometimes appear when approaching London city or pausing the simulator, other than the deviation from the course of the runway finder of extracted airports where you land on the side of the runway when proceeding in AutoLanding... (I never reported this here because the scenery of cities and airports was extracted from the mobile version which is obviously not the best option due to certain bugs), perhaps that is one of the reasons for the long delay for the update this has been said several times here on the forum.

    So for those who can't live with some bugs like the most, the best way is to wait for an update with no bug. But regarding the quality of airports for me it seems to be standard for the others contained in the AFS2.

    Maybe they're setting up an even better scenario or adding other things like PushBack, weather .... who knows? (just a guess don't be guided by this as maybe it's not a true truth)!

    Yes the quality and resolution of UK airports are excellent in my view, but also as I run in 4K I hardly get low quality textures, but yes the quality increases and adjusts to the game's settings in the PC version.

    Theoretically the mobile version shares almost 90% of the code for a PC version according to the developers, but everything that is exported as Airports, A320 Sharklets and traffic doesn't run in VULCAN because the textures are not mapped and that might take some time! apart from other things...

    how do i bring up all the co pilot feature like the mobile version

    THANK YOU to those who have given me the thumbs up, its given me the encouragement to continue with this project, I have hand edited over 2000 white clouds and black shadows from the satellite images, its been absolutely horrendous at times. I got there in the end. Its NOT perfect by any means, yes I missed a few clouds and shadows. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

    Kindest regards to all, Michael.

    Any effort is very worthwhile!

    Thank you for making all these regions available I can fly in several places thanks to the good will of many here in the forum, I hope one day to have more time to be able to contribute with new regions!

    I use the Aerosoft GmBh Version of Aerofly FS 2 And when in dev cam I can't open the doors can anyone help me?. Thanks :)

    Just use an internal developer camera CTRL F5 and walk to the door!

    Correction: CTRL F8 and go to view model (It Starts inside the Plane)

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    You can go to game folder Documents > Aerofly FS2 folder > main.mcf open this file with Notepad ++ search for "Fade_controls" and change from "false" to "true"!

    Note: Be careful to not misconfigure other things, make a Backup at your own risk.

    They won't disappear completely when you click on the screen they reappear and disappear again
    Tip: In the same file search for "Virtual Controls Transparencies" and adjust so that it is less visible!

    I don't agree with the logic of aerofly ipacs development, just compare other simulators that have updates every semester at least which for me is enough, but here there is a kind of secret "Oh because we can't reveal anything because we're still working" I bet the european scenery is maybe 10% better than the ones that some members managed to get from the mobile version which for me doesn't make any difference here there has always been this thing of only publishing something when a thousand things dressed perfectly in good condition. Ask users who enjoy the scenery of London and the uk they are sure to say they have fun even if they can't ride the vulcano, so spend years just promising things so that only when they meet your strict and determined requirements to be resolved that I never understand? Just rethink the question of why there are games that update monthly without the need to promise ... for months and keep making suspense? lack of staff? let's go guys work on ways to win more audiences aerofly is not just anyone out there.

    can banish me judge me i'm 49 nothing like scolding shakes me more

    My patience for arguing about this is simply gone. Always the same things, I prefer don't discuss what I don't work with! And I haven't experience as in the Development part. Only who understands is who actually works. It is like a doctor wanting to tell an engineer how he should calculate the Yield and Power of a jet propulsion in which the same model that the engineer designed!

    Yes, I have a lot of fun with the Cultivation of UK scenery that our friend here on the forum made available to us for free on Flight Sim Org everyone here can have it.
    I just try to have the most fun with what I already have!
    We look forward to future updates and remember that we are still experiencing some turmoil caused by a virus!

    Let's fly guys!

    London City is a good idea for you!

    What would the edition be?

    Maybe I can help you I can take a screenshot at 3840 × 2160 clean and I can even increase the resolution if it is opaque tell which part of the airport you want to edit. If you want you can also talk to me in private. But I don't recommend doing this always or all the time ok? Backup the Airplane and Airport folder before editing. If the preview photo is mirrored you will have to mirror to edit and mirror again to convert!

    Hello everyone and developers regards,
    I have a doubt, In real life when we proceed to Alternate Law and Direct Law the flight envelope protection is disabled by logic, however we can look in the PFD the flight protection envelope indicator indicating low speed and high speed, but in Aerofly in all versions I can only look at the high speed marking which made me intrigued. I already had the opportunity to fly in a real A32F simulator and when I proceeded to Alternate Law and Direct Law it showed the high and low speed indicators, but there was no reaction from the plane which is normal and obvious!
    Is this an Aerofly bug, logic or is it something that has changed recently?

    Note: I'm not questioning the lack of flight protection response but the envelope indicators

    and I used the same commands as I used in the real A320 simulator!