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    So this is the "big update" question for users = wing tip modification new regions on the a320, for the administrator big updates (will not happen) just small gradual improvements so that's the answer planes regions have not seen so soon it will only be available for android and ios everything is stopped and nothing here is taken into account why? customers' opinion also matter Ok?

    I think what the administrator wanted to say is that maybe we will not see a complete update seen in the mobile versions during this year.

    Maybe we thought that this Mobile update was planned for the PC version, I'm not sure of that only the developer in question can confirm this.

    Hello Jet-Pack (IPACS) The London Heathrow is very important airport when the update arrives for Aerofly fs2 will there be taxi lights in the courtyard like Denver? and will the vision of the tower be fixed as well? Any news about this upcoming update? Anything?

    Maybe yes!

    Since they are taking so long to update, it may be an indication that IPACS is correcting these details and some problems for a more effective update.

    I have the same problem as Elias Birkholz has it but only with the 320. Changing the Pixel density or graphics quality is not helping at all... Maybe it's a bug or something. For the developers: I am currently using the android version fs 2021 on the xiaomi redmi 9s (6gb ram version)

    Sorry! A thousand pardons for my ineffective comment I mistook the topic for the PC version.

    Do not take into account what I have said here on the problem of FPS with the A320.

    In this video:

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    Let’s say it’s an “always-success” takeoff configuration. Works with 1500+ meters runways. Only in a flight simulator of course!!

    Let’s say it’s also for beginners even though you have to set a bit the MCDU. The A320 keeps ~160 Kts until reaching 3000 ft above ground and then accelerates to 200 kts only. It’s easy, especially if there’s a u-turn just after takeoff.

    Very nice channel!

    Hello Peter Simon , I can make a video for you in private explaining how to activate the developer camera

    Take a look at the Wiki tutorial:….php/sdk:developer_camera

    Happy Easter!

    Just to confirm, I'm not in VR, and by UHD do you mean 4K? If so, that's different to Ultra-Wide 5120x1440; I have a 4K monitor, and I agree, it runs well and looks sharp at that rez (just tried it). When I went back to 5120x1440, blurry again.

    Yes I have a 4K UHD monitor. So, looking at your post again, you run at 5K, so I don't have the least idea of that my dear, only the developers should help you.

    ...after watching some 2021 reviews on MSFS 2020 I'm finding that too is riddled with strange/odd/shouldn't-be-happening behavior from what's supposed to be a world-class flight sim. I mean, a forklift driving out onto a taxiway/runway intersection? (Hey guys, we forgot to offload some cargo... haha.) And seriously, I think AFS2 is as good-looking if not better in some respects than MSFS.

    In this I have to agree for those looking for realism this platform mentioned that was supposed to be an example in Microsoft Simulators due to its big visibility has forgotten the real simulation content that it brings in your name. It's a joke in several aspects I believe that the purpose of it is just to show the beauty of scenery and airplanes on social networks IS ONLY MEDIA for riders of breathtaking scenery (my opinion), but in flight physics and realism of computer textures systems in the Cockpit and on the plane the Aerofly Wins. On this simulator platform cited It is extremely ridiculous the exaggerated flexes on the wing of the A320N on the ground without a flight effect, the dynamics of flight physics is unreal, movement simulations of grotesque control surfaces, some modeling of parts of the wrong flaps and spoillers and the worst arrogant hardware requirement.

    If you are not in VR, Aerofly is running normal in UHD for me in both modes VULKAN and OpenGL, try to update the Windows.

    What many Simmers pilots are looking for nowadays is this search often exaggerated of scenarios, airplanes .... For me Aerofly satisfies me in the most important question of a virtual simulator: (Realism, physics and flight system) I can reproduce everything an Airbus A320 and all the planes do I can reproduce the reality of realistic Stall and I can witness the deformation in the wings caused by variation of speed, Speed brake action and efforts in the elevators ..... apart from the systems of the airplane that the makes it more of a simulator, for Virtual pilots who seek reality is enough especially for me, I especially look for test flights on A320.

    When it comes to the scenario, we sometimes want countless scenarios and we do not explore and take advantage of the existing ones, which are already very real and detailed.

    Of course, it is always good to have the evolution of the scenario as snowy scenarios ... but for me it is not an emergency issue to the point of judging simulators.

    I'm new here and passionate about aircraft engineering, and now I am going to dedicate myself to an airline pilot. I downloaded Aerofly yesterday after watching some videos and recommendations on YouTube from two ultra quality channels Aerofly is incredible, it will help me a lot to learn and I see that more news is coming around like traffic and modifications on very cool planes.

    As suggestions only paintings from the Boeing and Airbus factories for b777 and a320 :thumbup:

    I fully agree! I learned many things from Airbus at Aerofly (Applied in the real World).

    DO YOU ONLY KNOW HOW TO SAY THAT? you can't say anything here that some users are bothering you

    What do you want me to tell you? What do you want me to do? If you are very bothered try to do something to add the sharklets, regions and traffic in the PC version so that it works correctly!

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN WE WILL HAVE THE NEW UPDATE? I'm tired of having to wait ... the a320 doesn't receive updates like sharklets and traffic will we have to do everything only in the future?


    Happy of those who understand computer

    Scream won't help!

    We are facing a COVID-19 pandemic so things are more difficult, believe this update will arrive! Jan has said many times that there are many things going on behind the scenes, things are not always the way we want them, it is not just extracting the model from the mobile versions that will make magic in the simulator! For it to work normally with all resources there are many things that are only possible on the development side of IPACS you can be an expert in Computer, but you will not be able to optimize 100% of the planes, traffic and regions to run for example in Vulkan mode on the platform PC and will not be a stable version.

    Wait things will happen!!!