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    Yes it's a movie camera, I'm going to make several flights with the cinematographic camera that is my favorite.

    Tip: Try to lock the camera in the place close to where Brunno is positioned, wait a few minutes, pause the Simulator and move the Replay bar faster until you notice a gray movement, increase the screen contrast so that it can be easier to locate the plane.

    Edit: Positioning the camera just above the water and focusing upwards and zooming out can also help you notice movement!

    This is just one texture in Aerofly, not 16.... And if you take this one texture and save it as a single 4096 x 4096 x 24 bit bitmap file and then convert it at that resolution all objects should be painted correctly.

    Yes, it was just to tell Diego that if we separate the textures into 16 bmp and we only convert 1/16 of them, it would look like it's in the image!

    and even so I think my suggestion is valid for a separate photo

    To add 1/16 of the texture in the right place the program needs to know from you the delimitation of the region in which the texture has to be! The ttx file tells the simulator where the texture should be on the plane. Programming is not magic or the computer does 0 or does 1 look at the image below:

    Yes that's my question too I have no idea maybe this isn't possible right now!

    I was thinking that maybe it can be like this due to the fact that the texture of the PLAY's Kit A320 bmp is all together in one photo file. In total there are 16 squares of texture photos that could be separated like in the B737 kit, but I could be wrong.

    Maybe this reduces textures as photos are scaled down but I'm not sure!

    I flew from Reno Nev. to KMHR Sacramento Mather using the 737-500. Landing rwy. 22L. The flight

    was fine until descending on the Loc/Glidscope for KMHR. The ILS worked fine, but did not line up

    with the runway center line for 22L. Instead the Loc. descended in between the two runways. The

    published 22L freq. is: 111.35. I wanted to advise if someone else had the same problem. I was able

    to land manually by having enough altitude to recover for 22L.

    Yes, I had the same problem on the A320 at several airports, which I mentioned here!

    It is present in the AFS2021, FS2 is also here

    It only works when I press the Auto Copilot

    This was and is my doubt!

    A short time ago the center of this view was on the side of the aircraft then it was moved to the back which improved a lot, but in some situations when we are not focused on the side or the front and we want to land and take off centered with this view, we need to double-click on the screen and click PageUP to restore the center of view so we can see the Runway... (which is easier on the PC version). I think maybe I can center this view by modifying the R0 values like we can do in the wing views.... But I'm not sure only Jan can confirm this, as I've tried too!

    Modifying the center of the External view would better help the user to perform landings and takeoffs with this view as it is enough to double-click and the view will be centered correctly without having to move the view upwards with the keyboard.

    Hello aerosimmers,

    I saw some A320 liveries to download for the sharklets model, but I dont have any A320 with sharklets on my Aerofly FS 2 (PC). Its already available and not working here?

    Thank you

    The Sharklets have not been officially released for the PC version yet, it has only been taken from the Android version and added to the PC version, but they cannot run in Vulkan mode, as perhaps the textures of the Sharklets are not mapped.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) I agree, but is there any plan to do the A320 Repaint kit?

    Or at least fix the Aircraft Converter?

    I'm doing liveries in 8192x8192 but the Aircraft Converter is downscaling it to like 2048x2048

    The same problem affects other aircraft too, like Boeing 747 repaint kit

    It would be very beneficial for anyone who works with edited paintings I'm thinking of making paintings but with better resolution!

    Wow, I really hadn't seen it from this angle one of the main reasons is the sound of the plane

    O: actually I expressed myself wrong is to add and not delete tks

    Well the sound on Airbus has already improved a lot, but in my opinion there is still a lot to improve, fortunately this fact doesn't need to change the model, as the sound is original from IPACS, so they can change it without the need to have a new model. I would also love to have the A320 NEO model but from Aerosoft or Flight Factor.

    I think it's a suggestion for the developer team that aerosoft's A320 is very unrealistic

    Unreal? Like?

    In my view the Aerosoft A320 looks much more real with the real A320 models the other one has completely exaggerated wing thickness and unreal size parts ex: Ground Spoiler, Flap Fairing....

    But each one has your preference and I don't think it would be possible for the developer team to add that, since the model was modeled by Microsoft and it must be difficult to get a license and I don't agree to Erase the current A320, I think this arrogance.

    Take a look:

    What would be the reason for this? I defend that things aren't simple as 1 + 1 = 2 or Sin (0°) = 0, even more so when the bad idea doesn't fit.

    Hi guys. Can you tell me where I can download Aerofly FS 2020 for my pc? If there isn't a PC version of the game, that's disappointing. But I think there is. I've looked for ages, and can't find a reputable website that I trust. No need to download spam or malware lol......

    Thank you in advance!!

    Are you referring to the Mobile version of the Aerofly FS2020 optimized for PC? If so, this version does not exist. The only version of Aerofly for PC is Aerofly FS2 so far here is the Steam link:…ly_FS_2_Flight_Simulator/

    I really had a strange surprise from a user here who answered many topics in less than an hour with some contradictions in his topics and manipulated words ...and it sent messages on the profiles of some people at the same time, including me and I replied it, I apologize!!

    I'll be more attentive next time I thought you guys had a Bot detector type .... But as you said, it may not be simple sometimes!