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    If a helicopter company buys a simulator and (perhaps pays a lot of money) so that the simulator company optimally adapts the Sim-helicopter,

    why should one of the two ... give this work away to others or sell it .... if the other partner does not allow this in the contract?

    It's a completely normal process, you can ask for it, it will be explained to you and then it's good.

    I didnt understand some questions here from some user in this direction ...

    I agree, the fact that Aerofly is being certified by EASA ... making it possible to close the contract with companies, this does not force the IPACS to mandatorily make available the models that are present in the VRM version for the AeroflyFS2, because as the Higgy member spoke The contract it's not with us but with companies, so there is a whole privacy issue that prevents VRM models from being made available for the Aerofly FS2, anyone who understands the contract or has worked with it will understand this better.

    And remember, maybe they are winning to work faster, enabling them to develop more.

    I am proud to be part of a simulator that is proving to be really a simulator with EASA certification which is not easy to obtain.

    Answered they will launch a new Aerofly with 10000GB in the next year and more powerful, that is, it will not work with medium and hight computers, but with last generation macs and Alienwares ok perfect

    Part of this question I can answer according to a post by Jan here on the forum in which a user asked about how demanding the update made to new features demanded, Jan highlighted only a slight CPU requirement of around 5%, Unfortunately this topic is very difficult to find I can't find it, but I'm almost 100% sure that it was said.

    Let's be a little less exaggerated guys, I like all of you, can't wait to try new features.

    I know it is a long wait, but I believe it will be worth it as we have been shown at some point and that is why I'm still here!!

    Jan had said that some textures could be a little darker when starting the simulator and that maybe this is because the mobile version does not render some textures correctly! There is a topic here talking about the dark texture of the A320's horizontal stabilizer, but I'm not finding.

    I might be late to the party, but this was extremely interesting to see!

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    Very interesting only confirms what is said here regarding VR

    Sorry, It’s Runway 12. I also found out it doesn’t happen every time. I try to figure out what I need to do that Aerofly crashes.

    With me It didn't crash I tested 3 times at different times in high quality and the same LearJet plane. Try to lower the quality and see if it crashes. Perform a test in Oakland on the Runway 30 see if it crashes if yes maybe it is your phone's memory, RAM memory or something else (Remembering that I tested it on an Android Tablet).

    Thanks for the report, that is an oversight on our side. The tower in Heathrow is custom made and therefor the the tower view position was not added automatically as usual. We'll correct this but it could take some time to be updated on your end.

    Ok just to streamline the work a little more airports with a displaced view are they:

    1- Bristol BRS

    2- Birminghan BHX

    3- Oakland OAK Aerofly FS2021 (Since Aerofly FS2020 and Aerofly FS2)

    As the pictures above

    Suggestion: If it is necessary take a time

    just to solve these problems of the towers views also take a look at Miame and Zurich there may be more views so when I have more time I will take a look too and if I find more I will report here!

    Thanks for listening!

    Greetings Everyone Attention Team,

    I just noticed something in the view of the Tower at Heathrow Airport in London, after doing some tests on the London scenary I noticed that the view of the tower is displaced out off the runway 09R and 27L You can see the Tower pay attention to the photos below:

    My device:

    Galaxy Tab S5e

    4GB RAM

    64 GB

    Android 10

    AFS2021 update

    Level: 20.21.19 (The latest update)

    I have asked if there was work on this a few months ago.. to recap, I want to make KSEA and KRNT for the community at some point. I cannot afford 3dxmax or whatever 3d software was being used in the tutorial. To my recollection, there was talk on someone working on a blender tutorial for this? Or at least a plugin? I get that there is a bunch of stuff going on with the upcoming update, but it would be cool for peeps like me to contribute by making airports... without having to spend so much money on software. :D Any insight would be appreciated thanks.

    If you studied or worked in engineering, you could get a student or teacher version, so 3DSMax is not paid for. Currently, when registering as a student at AutoDesk they ask for a copy of their student documents, which they did not ask for before and anyone could register without much information.

    If you want any help call me in private conversations.

    Edit: Designer can also serve as a choice to obtain a student license try to obtain a student license.

    I have the same problem as Elias Birkholz has it but only with the 320. Changing the Pixel density or graphics quality is not helping at all... Maybe it's a bug or something. For the developers: I am currently using the android version fs 2021 on the xiaomi redmi 9s (6gb ram version)

    Sorry! A thousand pardons for my ineffective comment I mistook the topic for the PC version.

    Do not take into account what I have said here on the problem of FPS with the A320.

    In this video:

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    Let’s say it’s an “always-success” takeoff configuration. Works with 1500+ meters runways. Only in a flight simulator of course!!

    Let’s say it’s also for beginners even though you have to set a bit the MCDU. The A320 keeps ~160 Kts until reaching 3000 ft above ground and then accelerates to 200 kts only. It’s easy, especially if there’s a u-turn just after takeoff.

    Very nice channel!

    Hello Peter Simon , I can make a video for you in private explaining how to activate the developer camera

    Take a look at the Wiki tutorial:….php/sdk:developer_camera

    Happy Easter!

    Just to confirm, I'm not in VR, and by UHD do you mean 4K? If so, that's different to Ultra-Wide 5120x1440; I have a 4K monitor, and I agree, it runs well and looks sharp at that rez (just tried it). When I went back to 5120x1440, blurry again.

    Yes I have a 4K UHD monitor. So, looking at your post again, you run at 5K, so I don't have the least idea of that my dear, only the developers should help you.

    ...after watching some 2021 reviews on MSFS 2020 I'm finding that too is riddled with strange/odd/shouldn't-be-happening behavior from what's supposed to be a world-class flight sim. I mean, a forklift driving out onto a taxiway/runway intersection? (Hey guys, we forgot to offload some cargo... haha.) And seriously, I think AFS2 is as good-looking if not better in some respects than MSFS.

    In this I have to agree for those looking for realism this platform mentioned that was supposed to be an example in Microsoft Simulators due to its big visibility has forgotten the real simulation content that it brings in your name. It's a joke in several aspects I believe that the purpose of it is just to show the beauty of scenery and airplanes on social networks IS ONLY MEDIA for riders of breathtaking scenery (my opinion), but in flight physics and realism of computer textures systems in the Cockpit and on the plane the Aerofly Wins. On this simulator platform cited It is extremely ridiculous the exaggerated flexes on the wing of the A320N on the ground without a flight effect, the dynamics of flight physics is unreal, movement simulations of grotesque control surfaces, some modeling of parts of the wrong flaps and spoillers and the worst arrogant hardware requirement.