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    The main issue for me is that since I bought the game from the app store, instead of steam, I am barred from using the best dlc without first dropping an additional 60$ on a game i already bought and own!! Kind of frustrated over this. I should have done more research, but to be fair your website only links apple users to the app store, and customer support told me it was available on the app store without making mention of the steam version.

    Any Users have experience with the steam version? I was told to purchase from the mac store by a staff member but it looks like there is a version on steam with dlc available...

    We apologize for the slow update cycle of the Mac version, but due to some Apple guidelines we were forced to change some critical components. At this point our version is not stable enough for public release. We are working on this, but at this point its currently difficult to give an exact release date, sorry about this.

    admin Heyo! Are you guys still working on a solution to get your mac users DLC?