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    You can have great in flight maps with Navigraph... with all the Sids/Stars as an overlay on your ipad.... i will try to post a screen capture

    I still dont get the "more aircraft" requests....

    We are missing real weather (ie link to real weather servers)

    We are mising multiplayer - all players should be able to see each other and their planes. With a simple UNICOM for handling sequencing.

    We are missing night flying... no cities lights, no highways, poor airfield lighting, poor/no approach lights....

    More scenery packs.... we need Europe and the rest of US...

    Hi JetPack,

    Auto throttle and Speed contraints work, but today I took off from Zurich (fully managed) and AP ignored both altitude and lateral ??

    Here are the screenshots:

    1) route developed in Planning

    2) Flight Plan showing fixes and constraints

    3) cockpit showing full AP managed, and A320 just continues straight (not turning left) and ignoring the altitude contraints


    As i said, only speed constraints are working.

    I know I'm doing something studpid, but what?

    I even spent yesterday going throught the "real pilot" THALES A320 manual. what am I doing wrong?

    Q: if I set altitude at 12000 and there is a alt constraint at FL053 (INTCPT fix) I would assume that the plane would level off at 5300, then pass the fix, then keep climbing. That would make sense, no?


    Thx for any clarification, rgds, Stephen

    I wish IPACS would establish a small, select User Development group (maybe 10-20 people) who would be tasked with developing the top 100 airports around the World. Give them a software, some tools and training, and let them loose.

    Obviously all work would be submitted back to IPACS for validation and then upload into Aerofly upgrade...

    I would gladly spend my weekends designing EGLL, EHAM, LIRF for free :)

    Maybe I'm being too radical, but what an acceleration we could have..

    Hi, need some technical help on A320 AP

    Occasionally i am unable to get the Dot next to speed setting, even though AP engaged and AT engaged?

    I swish up and it doesnt go to Managed.

    Only sometimes, not always.

    Same question with Altitude, not always can i get it to go into Managed.

    Linked to this question, the speed constraints clearly work, but not Alt constraints. Is this correct?


    Spent a couple of days checking the mobile competition... xplane, RFS, infinite flight

    My goodness.... they are quite simply toys!!

    Maybe they have multiplayer, global but they are still toys.... toy scenery, toy flight dynamics, toy cockpit/interaction....

    Having said this, Aerofly users must keep encouraging IPACS to increase updates: add Regions quickly (we are getting bored with WestUSA and CH), and multiplayer. Obviously multiplayer could require seperation and sequencing so VATSIM partnering would be great solution.

    Christmas list maybe but hope is the last to die!!!


    Dear JetPack and Aerofly team,

    Great simulator - best flight dynamics and realistic cockpits compared to other mobile FSs.

    What I (and i'm sure other) enthusiasts hope/need to see in next upgrade:

    - real flight planning (please drop the artificial fixes). Let us plan our routes, SIDs, STARs.

    - night lights in airports, cities, etc. a aircraft lights, so we can taxi at night

    - real world weather (simple link to available airport data).

    - other traffic (either AI, or VATSIM, or other users of Aerofly).

    I really hope some of this is imminently planned.

    Fingers crossed,



    Hi all,

    If there a way for the A320 AP to only hold altitude?

    Basically i want to fly around the sky at a constant altitude (say 2000 ft) manouvering with the yoke/joystick and not the AP Heading switch.

    It seems that you either have both alt and hdg controlled (AP1 on) or neither!!

    Any ideas or is this a A320 limitation?

    Thanks, Stephen

    You brake by pressing both rudder pedals at the same time - and roughly the same amount. This can be tricky, sometimes it feels like there is a threshold value that decides whether you brake or want to use rudder/wheel steering, especially with light aircraft.

    You can activate reverse thrust in airplanes (that have that capability) by pressing the down button for a longer time or again after thrust is down to zero (not sure) , but it definitly works, but only up to 60 knots or something, I think.

    Really useful madpat, thanks!

    I managed a nice 3 landings this morning using rudder (25kt crosswind) and reverse/brakes..

    All worked well. On A320 For reverse i dropped throttle to zero and then kept pressing. By magic it went into reverse - but yesterday it didnt.

    I can only think of 2 differences:

    1) I had autobrake set to MED this time

    2) I landed with autothrottle engaged

    Yesterday both were off! Could that be it?

    PS: i love flying Aerofly 2020 with the PS4 controllers. Sure beats the virtual yoke or tilting ipad.

    Well done Aerofly

    I need help too.

    I love the controller function (PS4) and can perform most functions -

    But i am completely struggling with engaging reverse thrust and braking!! On the A320.

    I basically cannot stop!!

    The left up/down button increases/decreases thrust but no reverse.

    And i have no clue how to brake!!


    The developers have all of this in mind. They’re taking their time because they’re a small team. Also, when they add a feature they make it to perfection. Meaning it’ll be optimized for mobile and PC and will be running smooth in VR. Just like the 777-300ER, it’s by far the best 777 on mobile. There are features missing but they’ll add that slowly.

    Global is on their top proprieties, weather is also planned and so are pushback trucks. They want to get everything right.

    Stay safe.

    "They are taking their time because they're a small team" and doing so, they are losing Market Share to FSX, XP, IF, RFS....

    Has anyone ever seen a list of their priorities, or next release upgrades? Anyone know a date for next upgrade?

    This is a really fantastic product with a lot of potential but it needs an aggressive development plan (get more resources, outsource development work, start committing to upgrades and dates, ie. PUSH DEVELOPMENT). Even change the payment plan if it gets Development accelerated.

    Personally I am tired with the "it's on our list of priorities" response to all our questions.

    Hoping to see progress and a great next upgrade.


    PS: the people that speak up are the ones that care! The others just delete the app and move elsewhere!