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    UPDATE: The problem with AFS2 Scenery Editor website seems to be either the Safari web browser or, more than likely, some combination of extensions I have loaded into it. Loading the .toc into the website via Firefox, with no extensions, allowed it to work.

    UPDATE: The problem with AFS2 Scenery Editor website seems to be either the Safari web browser or more than likely, some combination of extensions I have loaded into it. Loading the .toc into the website via Firefox, with no extensions, allowed it to work.

    Regarding the towers in your picture:

    I recommend to comment out all lines in the scenproc script, which are dealing with towers (especially Pylons) and round buildings.

    I got most of them via a search and delete early in the process. These just snuck through because they didn't match the pattern. Now I gotta go find them. If AFS2 Scenery Editor would load the .toc, as it has in the past, it would be a snap. If I can figure out the grid square, I can find it in the smaller files made by the scenery preprocessor. It's just six posts in a place where they might not be noticed. But I'm a bit of a perfectionist about this stuff, and that's why this is taking so much longer than expected. Well, that, and I have real-world flying, studying, and teaching responsibilities. It's a busy time, for sure. Then, I'll have to learn about object gen.

    In another thread you write about a huge .toc file. It is better to have the toc files in smaller pieces according the grid and display distance. Large .toc files can also lead to height problems with flying scenery.

    The huge .toc file is the master that I work from. I send that through the Aerofly Scenery Place Preprocessor to break it down into many smaller files that align with Aerofly's guidelines for scenery packages. Those smaller files are what is distributed with the scenery package.

    I've started experiencing performance issues as moxeetwo has been finishing the airports. For the most part, these airports have not been released. So I'm interested in knowing if anyone is having any performance issues with what they have. And especially those users that downloaded and are using all of the scenery levels. I'm not experiencing any problems with other scenery packages, so I need to narrow down where the problem is coming from so it can be addressed. Thanks.

    Are there any tools for displaying a grid square while flying? The AFS2 Scenery Editor isn't loading my entire .toc file this afternoon, for some reason, and I don't know which file to open to track it down. The single .toc file is just too big (4.3 Million lines). Found about 6 of these annoying tall, skinny buildings today and would like to get rid of them.

    Assuming we get a proper planet to work with, I'll be checking out my local stomping grounds in Idaho using the best helicopters available. And I sure hope we're getting more helicopters; that they are more realistic than the EC135; and with expert mode. The current R22 is the best out there. It's not perfect, but it's very close. That kind of realism is what brought me to AFS2.

    I have speech translate tacked onto my opera browser and it works fine for most things. Not sure where the demand to speak English came from historically.

    The international language of aviation is English. In most places, the pilots and air traffic controllers have demonstrated the ability to speak and understand English up to a level specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

    Very interesting.

    High on my wish list is just a user-friendly functional software that can generate vegetation over large areas.

    Nabeel's AFS2 Cultivation / Scenery editor is an excellent user-friendly program for small areas (and for editing).

    As mentioned before: Can someone (IPACS?) give me access to user-friendly programs - then I will help produce freeware scenery for FS2. :thumbup:

    There are good tools out there. You just gotta invest the time in learning how to use them. And if you ask for help with other aspects of the scenery package, there are people here that will help. I started the scenery for Idaho on my own. Learned the tools and put them to work. Along the way, I received some help from some heavy hitters and it's become an excellent package, IMO.

    Fortunately You have attracted several quality heavyweights to assist you in this endeavor. I have worked with most of them on other scenery projects and familiar with their capabilities. (Apollo/Hawaii)

    Yeah, I feel fortunate to have their help. The project would not be what it is without their help. In fact, it may have never seen the light of day without them.

    Probably the link to your new places file is not correct:

    The zip-file has still the date of August 19. and only a size of 87.7 MB instead of 484.7 MB.

    So I uploaded the new places file to the wrong location. I'm fixing that now. The date will change when the new upload is complete.

    My installed "places" folder properties show 8.27 GB and 1082 files.

    8.27 GB is the correct size for the places folder. The compressed file size is 484.7 MB. I'm uploading again, just to be sure.

    That being said, I think you have the wrong version. I uploaded the places file to the wrong location and there was no share link for it. I'm fixing that now.