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    Where exactly is this? Can you show us the coords?

    Actually, the reason I can't find it may have to do with the fact that I've updated elevation mesh since that photo was taken. It may not be a problem anymore. And it may have never been an IPACS problem. I'll take better notes should it happen again in the future, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over that picture above. It's from custom scenery that is very much still being developed.

    Where exactly is this? Can you show us the coords?

    I thought I knew exactly where this was, but I can't find it this morning. It may be that I'm lost, or it may be that it only happens in VR and/or the helicopter because I'm just zipping by in the F-18 this morning (without VR). I don't have the time to dig deep with the helicopter this morning. But I'll try and find it at a later date and get back to you.

    But custom scenery and elevation is involved. So it may not even be an IPACS problem. I simply don't know yet.

    The Google resolution in the Fork Salmon River area (44.97570 -114.73509 ) is fantastic!

    We are all looking forward when K9NSP will have ready this whole area.

    Region 3 might make it out in time for Christmas. Region 2 has problems, and the others haven't even been started. But I will be offering a beta preview of the KEUL airport in the not too distant future.

    I found some floating trees today. It's right at the edge of the scenery I'm creating for Idaho. You can see my scenery in the foreground, and the AFS2 default scenery in the background. The trees are floating in the AFS2 default scenery.

    I've not yet made any effort to determine if my scenery is causing this, or not. This is the only place that I've seen any anomaly's, and I've been working on this package for months.

    Here's a sneak peek at one of the airports that will be included. This is KEUL, and the airport itself is currently available on fscloudport. But without the scenery there isn't much to see or appreciate.

    I am working on an elevation mesh for Idaho (nearly ready) on a basis of 10m 3DEP data.

    Are you interested K9NSP?

    I might be. I'm currently using 1/3 arc-second DEM and I'm not sure how that compares. But if it's better it's definitely worth it to repackage it for my scenery.

    Also, those Hawaiian Islands look great. I'll have to give those a spin sometime.

    I'm working on a scenery pack for the entire state of Idaho, starting with Southwest Idaho. Here's a preview of what I have so far...

    Region 3 (Green) will be done first, with Region 2 (Yellow) expected to roll out after that. The trailer above is from Owyhee County in the Southwestern most corner of the state.

    With the release of MSFS, this is becoming unlikely. AFS2 can't be a MSFS competitor. AFS2 will become a niche product, so the question is, on what niche do they focus.

    Nah. MSFS is full of problems; it lacks VR, and while the world is there, it's not terribly accurate. It's just autogen, for the most part. And no helicopters. I heavily prefer AFS2 to MSFS, and I do own them both. I'm still making my own scenery pack for Idaho for AFS2 because it's noticeably missing, and the MSFS version doesn't even remotely look right. MSFS has the area all green and covered with trees, and that's just not what it looks like.

    If you are interested, you can see a preview of my work here:

    If you prefer MSFS, Happy Trails...

    Please explain the process that you do to get the error. Are you running the latest version of Aerofly FS2 and Steam?

    A recent update to Steam seems to have fixed it. I no longer get the error if I open with Steam; and I can once again open directly from the Oculus Library in VR. So, for me, it's all good.

    Same thing happens with my Rift S. So it's not the age of your headset that is the problem. Steam VR isn't a suitable substitute. For now, pressing the OK button is the best solution. But it would sure be nice to see it fixed. This hasn't always been a problem. An update along the way appears to have broken it.