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    So Dropbox has limits on downloads that they don't publish with the rest of the details of the plan that I am paying for. So they took my money and when it was time to do the heavy lifting they banned me for exceeding bandwidth.

    I'll look for another solution and update the links when I have it.

    Everyone needs to check the Southwest Corner of the state for the two off-airport sites I added. One is Helicopter only inside Deep Creek, the other includes fixed-wing and is just above Deep Creek in a salt flat. Because Deep Creek is not to be missed! It's spectacular!


    Airports are only those with 4-Letter ICAO Identifiers. The bulk of the airports and off-airport landing sites (which exist at places of interest you probably don't want to miss) are in the places folder. Cultivation is also in the places folder.

    *Airports (25.9 MB):!AjykJezbtk5tdexIXqimlJKH0JM?e=n5G7jn

    *Places (484.7 MB):!AjykJezbtk5tdtU-PXGF9_Tvp2w?e=lEZSbr

    *Airport and Places files are required.


    The entire set of Orthos is very large. But not everyone needs the entire set. Fixed Wing Flyers should be happy with L9-12. STOL and Helicopter pilots looking to make the most of the high-quality images available for Mountain Flying and off-airport landings should download everything.

    L9-12 and L13 cover all of Region 3. L14-15 are provided in three sub-regions, where "C" is the Treasure Valley, "N" is everything North of the Treasure Valley, and "S" is everything South of the Treasure Valley, allowing you to only download the portions that suit your flying needs.

    The folder structure may overwrite other levels as you extract so be sure to MERGE your files on extract.

    *L9-12 (3.55 GB):!AjykJezbtk5teL8R03Xge66Y1gE?e=nEZC7C

    L13 (9.03 GB):!AjykJezbtk5teXOYPsL0TZ6z3n0?e=WOAHDl

    L14-N (16.18 GB):!AjykJezbtk5tfFh4Vg8S4UClDm0?e=evV7lU

    L14-C (11.54 GB):!AjykJezbtk5te6ed_eMKERQlj_8?e=ygq5PI

    L14-S (9.55 GB):!AjykJezbtk5tephwNdIpO97Tr1Q?e=2SJxPd

    L15-N (48.05 GB):!AjykJezbtk5tgQCijf8Aq5_L-0Vb?e=7a4paZ

    L15-C (34.43 GB):!AjykJezbtk5tfogSGB5FfxtGyD8?e=aySHKM

    L15-S (28.83 GB):!AjykJezbtk5tffV6fCTMHZy0iYk?e=0aS31V

    *L9-12 images are required. All others are optional.

    Watch this thread for the downloads of Idaho Region 3 Beta later this week. Just a couple details to wrap up and it will release. Upgrades will continue beyond the Beta release date.

    August 15, 2021 at 11:25 PM

    To be clear, it's not 100% complete - hence the Beta label. But it's very useful as is, and it will continue to improve over time.

    This is a comparison image of the real world on the top and this Idaho Scenery Package on the bottom. This is the Cascade airport. I think we did pretty good.

    Since this is a Beta, no instructions will be included at this time. You'll need to be able to create your own folder structure to use the Beta.


    Orthos were compiled entirely by K9NSP using AeroScenery and Google Maps.

    Elevation Mesh is USGS 3DEP, converted by TomSimMuc

    K9NSP and moxeetwo have developed the airports in joint cooperation. But moxee's input has been invaluable. Moxee has fixed many of the problems with elevation at the airports and continues to do so tirelessly. Huge props to moxeetwo!

    Beacon Towers provided by ZoSoChile

    Much-needed Trees for the Northern areas that were missing default trees, and shrubs for the South where the trees didn't belong, were provided by chrispriv.


    All downloads are linked in the posts that follow. All files are located on OneDrive due to their size. And as a reminder, this is a Beta. There may be hiccups along the way with the distribution. Post any problems you have and they will be addressed.

    Just finishing up the orthos now. AFS 9-11 are Level 15; AFS 12-15 are Level 20. And it is beautiful Far better than what MSFS has offered for my area. And much more realistic, too. The canyons in SW Idaho are not to be missed! I'll have some spawn points there to help you find it. I've lived here more than 20 years and I never knew how amazing that corner of the state was until I started this project.

    But, there is still MUCH work to be done on cultivation and object generation. And I want to add things like backcountry airports, as well as a few spawn points like dry lake beds and random off-airport helipads. This scenery will play nicely with airplanes, but it's really being designed as a helicopter playground first and foremost.

    This project originally started as a supplement to my IRL pilot training, so absolute accuracy of airports with the appropriate lighting was considered mandatory from day one. Since that time it has grown into the most detailed representation of Idaho that I could possibly create.

    This scenery package is HUGE. Roughly 100 GB, at this time. So sharing is going to be the next hurdle to conquer. The realism of training was first and foremost for me. Everything else came second.

    My IRL flying is taking up most of my time right now, so I don't have a forecast of when this will be finished. And the work that remains is the painstaking stuff that I must do my hand. My computer has done just about all of the "auto-pilot" work that it can, so the rest is up to me.

    After looking at this Oahu scenery addon, plus the fact that FS2 now has 2x heli's, I decided to buy/try this again (not even on a Steam sale, lol!). After a full day of flying a R22 around Oahu I gotta say I'm very glad I gave FS2 another go.

    The AFS2 R22 is the most accurate R22 I've found in any sim. It's not perfect, but it's better than all the rest.

    There are two other freeware Heli's available on this forum. An AH-64, and a Lynx. Both by larrylynx

    Has anyone ever used Google Drive to distribute scenery? My scenery files are simply going to be too big for the file limits of this forum, and that of I'm looking for alternative solutions.

    Alternatively, I could just host a website and post them there if there are no restrictions to the links that can be post here, and on I'd really like the scenery to be part of the map over at, but again. It will never fit within their limits.

    Here's some teaser shots of what I'm working on for the State of Idaho.

    I'm thinking there's no reason to use Zoom Level 20 for AFS 9-11. And reducing the zoom would also reduce the additional size.

    My current thinking is that I'll just host the files on my own web server, or via Google Drive. Would there be any problem posting links to either of those locations cause any problems here, or on

    McCall will be included in Region 3, which is the first region to be released. But the download is going to be huge. As it stands now, all of Region 3 will be over 100 GB on my end. How I get that downsized to something manageable, without sacrificing quality, is the big question right now. But the detail is going to be worth it. Since I live and fly here (Region 3), I'm obsessing over every detail and making it as accurate as I am able to.

    All ortho's are Level 20 zoom. Right now, only AFS 12-15. I hope to be able to add AFS 9-11, but as mentioned above, size is already a problem. For size comparison, a single install of MSFS is about 91 GB for the entire planet. This will be larger than that, at least on my end, for just Region 3. Here's a screenshot of KEUL at dusk. Caldwell Industrial Airport at dusk

    Also, there's zero chance of it making it out by Christmas. Probably sometime around MAR-APR would be my best guess.