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    @Fastraph: It would be no problem to support 120 FPS, however with all the new features coming to future versions of Aerofly FS it is highly unlikely we can achieve a stable 120 FPS. We can actually only have either 120 FPS with reduced graphic and simulation features or try to achieve 60+ FPS with our planned features.

    Would it be possible to create an option to allow 120fps but with reduced graphics whilst better graphics caps it at 60fps? I really appreciate the active community engagement btw!

    Will 120 FPS be added for phones that can support it? Most new flagship phones have a 120hz display so I believe adding an option to enable 120fps will be great. Especially with the new iPhone 13 Pro having a 120hz screen with a powerful processor it would be great.

    I recently discovered a bug where in replay mode, the tail of the EC135-T1 has a small button like shape spinning around out of place. This only occurs in replay mode. I want to attach a video but it seems the file is too big so if there is another way to attach the video could someone tell me?

    I noticed that when i crash into the ground head-on or at a fast speed, the game doesn’t restart me back in the air, but instead freezes. For some reason though, I am still able to click the back button in the top left corner of the screen and go back to the home menu. After I go back to the home menu, I click play again and the screen is just black. The only way to fix this is by restarting the app. Is this a bug or is it just happening to me?

    Could the Devs please make it so that you can keybind buttons when a Bluetooth controller is connected. I currently don’t really like how the right joystick is the yaw and pitch as I usually have it on the left joy stick.


    Will aircraft carriers come to Aerofly 2020? And if so, will you be able to land on them using the arresting hook. I just wanted to ask this because I noticed that on the F18 you can bring the arresting hook down but currently there’s no way (that I know) to properly use it.