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    Excellent suggestions I'm sure that ipacs already work on some of them .... What really needs is better sounds, for example realistic sounds of the a320, when turning on the engines nothing sounds 😔 it would be incredible to add the sound of the Ge90 engines to the incredible boeing 777 ... I would love landing gear sounds when taking off and landing, generic atc sound would give incredible realism, planes like the 787 dreamliner or an embraer would be wonderful ... Add more regions for example Germany, France and Spain ... More functions of the fmc of the different airplanes and something very important to add more functional systems in different airplanes with their respective real alarms and sound of the systems etc.

    By the way, I've received a "rumour" of a future M1 like iPad Pro (A14X) for April...


    The guy is almost always true.

    Aerofly FS 202x will give it to us!

    Brother I have 3 requests for aerofly 2021 regarding the wonderful a320 ... 1. Sounds of the plane when taking off and landing, realistic sounds of tochdown ... Touching the asphalt of the runway would make us enjoy more .. 2. Better sound to cfm56 engines, realistic sounds, in order to have a better experience 3. That the landing lights are reflected on the runway, to make night flights

    A regional plane is urgent, for example an embraer 175,190 ... J that crj600 or crj900 ... An atr 72 .. Etc to make regional flights over the regions of the United States, United Kingdom .. It would be wonderful and realistic please team ipacs take into account those airplane models .. It would be the right ones

    Lucas bravo question do not follow tutorial beauty more level of cruise an aircraft leave route straight do you really think I need to see tutorial? See well it's something simple choose airport destination and origin choose runway in use and departure and arrival letter and place it fixed there is nothing very complicated there are some exit errors and some airports arrive, for example Miami airports ils is buggy I don't I remember which runway was closer I was arriving at the airport I already had the landing gear lowered with the flap app on already in the final simply the app only made the runway axis location more glode slope didn’t appear one from the Airbus or the airport I know aerofly 2021 is a quiet beta plus pay for the simulator that can't make a straight line? You're kidding, right

    Stop complaining. 50 reais is rubbish ... That simulators only xplane is competition for aerofly 2021 ... Don't tell me the rubbish of rfs or infinite flight .. Those two games are rubbish ... Stop complaining 50 reais is a pittance. For what aerofly 2021 offers ... You should better value the effort of the ipacs team

    Mm ok if it's still showing purchased even if you leave from beta you no need to pay it again. But if it shows money then pay for your comfort. But sadly not optimized well for android. It's not really smooth not just like fs2020 this one is at least optimised for Snapdragon processor. Actually Snapdragon chipset are the beast and flagship chipsets than other chipsets in android. 😔

    It worked perfectly for me, I am a huawei processor kirin 710 phone ... I hope I can buy it ... I uninstalled the beta version yesterday 😔

    If once you have done alpha testing or got selected for beta testing I don't think after this you need to pay as free of charge we got the apk. Unlucky for the non beta testers they need to buy I guess. As now the game is released in public it's free of charge for us since we got the app as free in our beta testing

    In the beta test it said that for aerofly 2021 to appear again to buy it should take a few hours ... I'm waiting ... Since the beta version does not have the clearer cockpits update to read the instruments, I also want to have the final version not a beta version ... hopefully administrators can guide me

    I think it's easier to add ground services than push back IMHO.

    We have a lot of things on our to-do lists.

    That includes ATC and multiplayer at some point, too.

    I never thought that pushback was so complicated ... Other simulators have it but they don't have any realism ... You want to implement something real and functional, you are really professionals ... So hopefully add ground services first, it would be wonderful ... Atc and multiplayer will make our experience more realistic, it would be sensational ... We can say that it would be like having a pc simulator on a phone thanks to ipacs ... Finally add real weather like rain, showers, snow, thunderstorm lightning? Would it be possible or that if it would be impossible to add? If they could wow I would pay a lot of money to have aerofly with that feature but if it cannot be added there is no problem .. They are perfect as is🙏✈️

    Thank you very much .. I know one day you will add it to aerofly mobil ... I have faith in you .. I will always be faithful to you because I know that one day we will have our dream simulator .. With pushback, ground services, Mind adding ground services or would it be too complicated? We also expect multiplayer, when we have multiplayer it will be incredible .. Also Atc ... Thanks ipacs

    A question what are these two levers for ...? Take trim capture .. What function do they have? And I'm surprised that it actually works if you move the levers, the trim and ruder moves is incredible ... Congratulations ipacs team .. For these details, aerofly is my favorite mobile simulator for the realism it has

    Hi, ah ok it was a shortcut. I mean that on tablet you can set Controls to Analog with Auto Center to have a side stick "trackpad" that behaves like the Airbus side stick (if you leave it the plane keeps its heading, slope, curve).

    And thanks Aerofly for this gorgeous feature!

    (Original post corrected)

    What do you mean? I'm an android user and I don't have fly by wire

    I don’t think multiplayer is coming any time soon as people are requesting so many things to be added. Like a new aircraft, global, ground services, start at gate, cold and dark for every plane etc. Even though I love Aerofly it still lacks a lot features that other flight sim have that I wish Aerofly had. Overall, we just have to wait to see what will come out next now that they have resolved the download issue.

    Brother, I only consider aerofly and xplane simulators .. The others are entertaining games and you are right maybe they have other characteristics that being aerofly does not have. But they will never have realism, functional cockpits, being able to use ils, vor, mcdu, fmc systems, etc. Aerofly users are fortunate to have realistic and functional aircraft ...