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    A question ipacs team ... I made a flight from los angeles to phoenix .. I added sid, stars etc ... And I was really amazed when I saw that the autopilot respected the flight plan .. Now the plane descends correctly to the altitude corresponding to the waypoints that the plane is flying over .. That is really wonderful and realistic ... It is part of the new update right? It never happened that way before

    Aerofly is a beautiful professional product .. For 8 dollars we have an excellent mobile simulator a bargain .. 10 friends I recommended aerofly to them and they bought it .. We must help the ipacs team and offer our friends and acquaintances who love aviation to buy this wonderful product ... It is the best investment 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I only hope to have the region of Switzerland on my android phone soon 😉😍🚁✈️ to be able to explore the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland ... Switzerland region is so beautiful on ios platform that it looks like a pc simulator

    You are absolutely right they are just arcade games, aerofly 2020 is the most complete in every way .. Beautiful and realistic cocks, clouds, 3D buildings .. beautiful airports etc.

    Ipacs is the best team 👏👏👏👏👏👏✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁

    The engines pump hydraulic oil at very high pressure through hydraulic lines in the aircraft. Actuators like the aileron, spoilers, elevator, rudder, pitch trim and landing gear retraction use this high pressure oil to move. This system of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic lines and actuators form the hydraulic system.

    At the moment this is not fully simulated. So even when the engines are stopped you can currently still move all of these actuators.

    The plane is perfectly simulated they are doing a great job .. When they perfectly simulate the sounds of the engine and hydraulic system it will be even better thanks to the ipacs team they make thousands of users happy with their excellent work ...

    During my last flight I recorded some beautiful long PTU sounds but I want to fully simulate the hydraulics first.

    Engine sounds are really hard to produce because real world recordings are messed up by people talking, birds chirping other airplanes or vehicles and so on. Unlike with general aviation aircraft you can't just pull it out of the hangar and do what ever you want with the throttle and microphones.

    Thank you very much ipacs team, we look forward to adding real sounds in future updates. Thank you very much. Sorry for my little knowledge, what is the hydraulic system?

    The EC135 flies perfectly .. My phone is a huawei mate 20 lite and flies at 170 Miles per hour. I don't know why the EC135 specifically brings problems for you .. Hopefully they are true and you don't want to boycott the great work of the ipacs team. .. I repeat the helicopter flies fast and perfectly without any problem

    The ipacs are an incredible team ... They could add new sounds from the airbus 320 to the future, more realistic sounds and if they were from the real CFM56 engines it would be much better .. I think they should already take that into account. They are a great team, thank you very much

    Blong : I mean the sound at touchdown

    Bling Blang : the shaky sound in the cockpit when rolling fast

    Something like that :

    Hopefully add that sound bro .. Hearing the landing gear tires rattle with the asphalt and the plane wobbles as it picks up speed ... I also dream of being able to do pushback that would be beautiful

    I am fascinated by the new helicopter. It is wonderful .. But you are right .. It gives the feeling that it is slow despite going at 140 knots .. It is a strange sensation .. Hopefully they solve that problem .. But the helicopter is beautiful .. No simulator mobile has such a sophisticated, realistic, beautiful helicopter

    Brothers of aerofly could be kind to upload a video of how to make a flight plan in the new menu .. Is that I get confused .. When selecting sid and stars .. It confuses me to see ARR and app? Are not they the same. Please a video how to select the sid stars .. And a question ipacs team can I make my flight plan in simbrief and insert it from the cockpit using the MCDU?

    I did write earlier, the GPWS calls in infinite flight are the same as Boeing’s ones. No specific calls for the airbuses. I don’t know about RFS since I don’t play that but I know for sure that IF only has one type of callout voice and that it is very similar to Boeing calls. I do hope we get Boeing calls in AF because that would be so cool to land with the 777 and 744 with proper altitude alerts. Just saying, they’ve managed it with the airbuses 😉

    Bro the ipacs team are professionals and they will give us those alarms for boeing they are the best team ... I love aerofly .. I used to play arcade games but in January I bought this wonderful simulator .. And it fascinates me .. The planes are beautiful realistic .. The runway lights, the 3D buildings are beautiful .. The airports .. The mountains ... Clouds .. The terrain .. Aerofly is the best airplane simulator for mobiles 😍✈️🙏👏