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    We would like to do all of these aircraft. But we have to evaluate what is more attractive to users. I'm sure if we do one of the aircraft that you mentioned that it would attract more people than a B737-800 because they have not seen them in a default simulator. Believe it or not probably half of the customers would not be able to tell the difference between a 737-500 and -800. Other than "it looks longer". Please don't underestimate how much work goes in one of our aircraft. We're talking 500 to 1000 hours or so for an airliner because of the high quality standards and the amount of systems that go into our an aircraft.

    That's right .. We value the work .. Mobile users are eager with the new update ... They are right the 737-800 we can find it in another simulator .. But a 787, a 195 embraer, Atr 72 ... Hopefully they add a new turbo propeller an atr72 no simulator has it would be excellent competition for the Q400

    We purchased a -200 model very long ago and just made small upgrades to that.

    As we explained in other threads many times the -800 would require a total rebuild of the cockpit and there are many changes on the exterior as well (engine pylons, wing geometry, flaps, slats, spoilers, wing tips, longer fuselage -> new set of textures, etc.). If we have to put in the same amount of work as for a new aircraft we may as well choose a new aircraft that is different and not "another" B737. Maybe something that you don't see in every other sim out there like a modern new airliner with the latest and greatest avionics. We are not ruling out a 737NG and it is still a popular request. The B737NG would be an excellent 3rd party aircraft. Most things are already there from the other Boeings we have, including autopilot, fms, efis, eicas and what not.

    Hopefully the developers never forget the 737-800 it is an incredible airplane hopefully in the future they will be able to add it ... But if you want current airplanes here I have some suggestions ... The. 787 dreamliner would be fantastic .. The airbus 350 .. The airbus 321 neo .. The airbus 330 neo ... Embraer 195 E2 ... Bombardier CRJ1000 .. Atr 600

    Dear Developers, they could improve the ge90 blades of the boeing 777. They could give a little more realism to the blades, for example that they are a little thinner and when they turn they look more realistic please

    The blades are well designed ... I only mean when turning it gives the feeling that it is not realistic at all .. Please ... The plane is beautiful they just lack that little detail

    I bring some suggestions for future updates ... Could you add a flight hours log? It would be interesting if our flight hours in the simulator were saved, and perhaps add ranges. For example 200 hours first officer, 500 hours captain etc would be very interesting to implement ... They could also make users decrease the number of passengers in each flight, cargo and fuel ... Adding fire to the engines, failures, that would make the game more realistic. They could also add the option to create our own liveries or at least upload liveries for our planes

    A question .. Does the boeing 777 also descend automatically like the airbus 320? That is, pressing the altitude button does the same function as the airbus? So the vertical speed is automatic and the motors lose power? Please someone help me

    They could add more systems to the magnificent boeing 777-300 er .. Maybe the functional APU ... To be able to see the airplane systems in the cabin ... Improvements to the fmc ... More simulated systems .. The 777 from aerofly2020 is the best 777 of any mobile simulator .. We would love to have more systems and improvements of that wonderful airplane .. Maybe real sounds

    Dear developers please add the wonderful boeing 737-800 NG is the best-selling aircraft in history is an incredible aircraft ... Thousands of users want to fly that magnificent aircraft


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    The Alpha Floor function applies full TOGA thrust regardless of your initial thrust lever position to prevent a stall. Most of the time the fly by wire will add a gentle nose to prevent the stall. But if you keep pulling or if the angle of attack gets too high, then it adds full thrust.

    You can cancel that with the red button on the thrust levers or by pulling the thrust levers to idle. In case your levers already were at idle just move them a bit forward and then back to idle to disable the autothrust.

    What could Frank have pressured for the plane to put on a toga?

    I was surprised one day, I don’t know what I did exactly, I only know that I was trying to land. I don’t know, but the plane displays AT FLOOR. It has set TOGA or something. And climbed all alone. Something like this.
    This plane is quite gorgeous.

    Seriously bro? At the Ecam did you appear toga? And the plane took off alone? It's amazing bro .. This plane is wonderful .. But how did it happen? I already want cold and dark bro .. Being able to turn on those beautiful engines and being able to turn them off at the gate will be an incredible feeling

    They could add the piper P28 to the mobile platform .. I would love to fly that magnificent plane .. At the moment I don't have a pc to play the pc version ... It doesn't matter if you need to pay, I gladly pay for that wonderful plane ... I dream of flying the piper P28 on mobile platform greetings

    This plane continues to surprise me .. It is incredible .. By mistake I pressed the landing gear in full descent .. It was at 280 knots of speed ... I am struck that the train did not deploy .. And in the Ecam it came out a message .. And the master warning glowed red .. The realism of this airplane is incredible .. It looks like a PC simulator airplane and not mobile 👌👏👏👏 I love aerofly2020 is amazing

    You went through the same way I did. The worth is Insany Flight because it looks good at first look but it just a bling bling layer. So expensive sure as hell is. And their forum... the same, beautiful design but horrible people, you’ll be censured, deleted posts, closed, shut up, never think one second to talk about clouds, price, suggestions. You’ll be shut up.
    I confess: I kinda hate them, it’s bad!
    But it is a good virtual pilot class for initiation because their interface (was good) is generic with all planes. Appart from that, take off for real with Aerofly.

    That's right brother ... I was told it was the best simulator .. I only knew rfs .. RFS is entertaining and cheap is better than infinite flight ... Although it is a game at least rfs is reasonably priced .. But infinite flight is a scam bro ... It has no clouds .. It has no functional and interactive cockpits .. There are no 3d buildings .. There are no airports ... Paying 10 dollars for that is a scam .. When they told me about aerofly2020, I did not hesitate to buy because I thought it would be like the other games .. But it is the best compa of my life .. It is a beautiful and wonderful simulator ... The best without a doubt .. I only wait for more planes and new regions bro

    Aerofly makes other like simple games. Aerofly is the only real simulator on mobiles.
    Do I lick boots:?: Totally ;)

    This is bro fascinates me aerofly .. I have installed xplane, infinite flight, real flight simulator .. But the only one that I really love is aerofly is the most complete of all .. Hopefully add the lukla region would pay a fortune to fly that region ... Hopefully they add the boeing 737-800 would pay a fortune for that airplane bro ... And your bro which airplane would you like to fly in some future in aerofly?

    Per default the anti skid switch is in the on position. You must have turned it off accidentally. When the switch is off you have not steering and no anti skid.

    The auto brake strength is not stronger because of that. The strength is variable and decelerates the aircraft at a near constant rate. Medium is a good deceleration but if you try to land short then you probably need manual brakes.

    I should have accidentally turned it off ... So why is the 1000PSI notice due? What does that mean in Ecam? I set the brakes half because it was a short track like telluride .. But why was the legend erased when I turned the anti skid ON? It is incredible I love this plane .. I congratulate you it is so realistic it seems that it was a pc simulator plane .. No mobile simulator compares to you .. You are by far the best 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 thanks IPACS

    Friends a question please ... I was flying in an airbus a320 and on the approach to Telluride airport I put the brakes in the media ... But a message appeared in the Ecam .. Something related to brakes and anti skid something like this ... Does anyone know what that alarm means on the Ecam .. Then I turned ON the Anti skid switch and the Ecam message disappeared because? ... And upon landing notice that the plane brakes super fast and strong ... It's great if that system is simulated ... Someone. Could you answer my question please? Thanks 👏👏👏👏✈️

    Eduardo Navarro just a quick video for you:

    It may be possible YouTube didn’t yet make the HD version.

    Congratulations bro .. Excellent video .. You are very professional ... Bro then to configure 185 kt in climb .. That is going to serve us bro? What do pilots use that for? Could you explain to me ... You are very good at what you do .. What an envy bro .. I have an android phone and we still don't have the region of Switzerland ... By the way what phone do you use? The cockpit of the airbus 320 reads perfectly .. On my phone this is blurred bro