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    Publicaremos una nueva versión en el canal beta para usuarios de Android hoy. El número de versión es Esta versión solo presenta luces de aviones y deshabilita las luces de los aeropuertos por ahora, ya que el impacto en el rendimiento fue demasiado grande. Estamos trabajando en una versión de iluminación de aeropuerto más simple para una futura actualización.

    Nos gustaría recibir algunos comentarios sobre cómo son sus FPS con esta versión en aeropuertos concurridos como KSFO y lejos de aeropuertos en el aire.

    Tenga en cuenta: hay bastantes dispositivos Android que no son compatibles con la iluminación de la aeronave debido a las limitaciones del controlador de hardware y/o software.

    magnificent update, I use a xiaomi poco F3 phone with snapdragon 870 processor with 8GB of ram ... now I have a stable 30 fps in cockpit view, and external I get to have up to 40 ... removing the lights from the airports significantly improves the stability of the FPS increased substantially, thank you very much... now the experience as an Android user is beautiful and extraordinary the lights of the planes reflect on the runway in an extraordinary way also strobe lights etc thank you very much Ipacs team

    Both the airport lights and the plane lights are wonderful in this beta version and make the simulator much more vivid, bright and beautiful. The flying experience is totally different from what exists in the 2022 version of Aerofly. This airport lighting was perfect. I am delighted with these lights and the incredible work done by the developers in this beta version allowing the lights to work even in the OpenGL API. My hope is for them to find another solution for the FPS drop other than removing the airport lights. Removing the airport lights would take away some of the beauty and shine of the simulator.

    I prefer to play at 60 fps without airport lights, it's bad and horrible to have 10 fps no matter how beautiful the lights are, most users just want to play with quality fps, I hope they remove the lights from the airports, it's useless for them to be seen beautiful if it takes away from quality... hopefully developers just add lights to planes I'm happy without lights at airports and I'm sure most will be too

    Android user, phone, Xiami Poco F3 snapdragon 870 processor, the lights look incredible, just need more optimization, I have 14 or 20 fps with external view and heading towards the landing lights, a temporary solution would be to remove airport lights so as not to generate a lot of loss of FPS, that would help to have at least 30 fps with the lights of the airplanes, which is the most important thing, the lights of the airports are not that important on my part, you could disable them and be left with only airplane lights excellent work ipacs

    When the Airbus 320 runs out of fuel, the engines turn off automatically or is it not simulated?

    the concorde is the best plane after the airbus 320, the design is fantastic, congratulations ipacs team, i have some questions, does it have the full GPWS?, so far i only heard overspeed and altitude alarm, and another question, will we have engine ignition soon? It would be amazing to start from scratch, the flight engineer's panel is animated, can we use it in an update? Thanks a lot

    Idk is rule here , but speak english 👍

    It is incredible to fly the aerofly airbus 320 it is the most complete airplane it seems that they added new systems and improved the internal and external sounds it is something incredible the sound of the APU is strong and sounds super real I loved that thank you very much, what other systems did you add?

    That's what I wrote but the translator didn't work sorry

    es increible volar el aerofly airbus 320 es el avion mas completo parece que le agregaron nuevos sistemas y mejoraron los sonidos internos y externos es algo increible el sonido de la APU es fuerte y suena super real eso me encanto gracias mucho, que otros sistemas agregaste?

    Today morning I bought the new version of aerofly 2023, my final conclusions are the following, I didn't think of spending so much money at first, but later I analyzed it and I found out that the money for all the planes and all the maps is an excellent investment, so For example, there are games that you have to pay 10 dollars a month to play with all the planes, aerofly is a single payment, also the developers did that for the benefit of the community that does not have enough space to store the entire game, it is not mandatory to pay all the planes and maps, whoever has the financial resources should pay for it, the concord seems great to me, hopefully we will soon be cold and dark, the new helicopter is sensational, the new airports on the east and west coast are of high quality, the shine on the fuselage I really liked the planes, seeing all the airports with lights is too cool, Courchevel airport is incredible, congratulations, I expected more airlines for the Airbus 320 like easy jet or finnair, jetblue, hopefully they will add more in the future, in general terms the game is excellent, the quality that handles ipacs is too high.. I love it, hopefully we can have future updates soon and not wait a whole year is my only request to the ipacs team... and please work on the landing lights for android users is the only disappointment i had... congratulations ipacs

    When will we get cold and dark in the Concorde?

    Me parece fascinante la nueva versión de aerofly 2023, poder tener el juego gratis me parece perfecto, y poder comprar aviones y mapas es excelente, ya que algunos no tienen teléfonos con mucha capacidad de almacenamiento, felicidades por un nuevo método, compraré todas las regiones y los aviones comerciales compraré para ayudar al crecimiento del equipo Great Ipacs. Espero que otros usuarios puedan comprar en el juego y ayudar al equipo ipacs ... Les deseo el mejor de los éxitos. la nueva versión de Aerofly 2023 🎉🤗

    Dear ipacs team, will lighting system be added to android in new aerofly 2023? :)

    I hope so, we've already waited a year and it would be unfair if we still can't use the lights on Android and if that's the case, they should sell aerofly 2023 much cheaper for the play store since without lights it's a big disadvantage compared to iOS users

    Dear developers, why have you not uploaded screenshots of the new aerofly 2023? last year at this point they had already uploaded two posts of screenshots of the new aerofly and also information of the new version

    If an A350 is added, it has to be the same level of the A320. It is a complexe thing, like the A380 which is not as technical level as the A320.

    I feel better an A330 to be the same reference than the A320.

    they could buy a modeling ... and finish the project ... it seems that the 737 is being done by someone external to the ipacs team they could do the same with the 350

    We don't know yet when the 737 will be finished.

    Before adding the 737 I would like to improve the planes we already have add more systems, weight, fuel, tire smoke, weather system, better engine sounds and make the lights work on Android, we can wait another year to get the boeing 737.. i love you work is amazing

    Againg I say, you have my utmost respect for the work you do and your dedication to the craft. Its no easy task and doens't come overnight. Good things do come to us who are patient and wait for quality with the utmost class. Aero Fly and IPACS, you are awesome guys. Thank You again. :thumbup: ;)

    Before adding the 737 I would like to improve the planes we already have add more systems, weight, fuel, tire smoke, weather system, better engine sounds and make the lights work on Android, we can wait another year to get the bleig