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    Is there a way to get the time skip interface in VR (or maybe toggle time skip with a keybind)?

    Other question: the performance is excellent in VR and cultivation is very well optimized but the clouds still seem to be taxing a lot. Is there a graphic option or config file tweak that can lower clouds quality for better fps?

    I remember reading somewhere that Ipacs currently have access to hi rez photos for England and swiss only. Maybe they will release à hi rez pack for Europe later.

    To fly near Paris France I use the photos of the afs2 dlc Île de France. It kind of work in afs4. The cultivation is a bit messed up but the developpers told me they will probably update it for afs4 soon

    I will try this with jpeg VFR maps of the area I Fly in.

    April 4, 2020 at 1:09 PM

    Its no "GPS like" moving map but it seems it's like having a paper kneeboard in VR wich is fine by me (I like dead reckoning)

    Still I wonder if we can access the "fast forward" function in VR. The one that shows on the right side of the screen with moving map while in flatscreen mode

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) Now that Aerofly can display other aircraft traffic, can we expect compatibility with Pilotedge in the near future? With the great out of the box coverage of USA west coast in Aerofly that would be such an excellent match! Also I think it could give a well deserved marketing visibility for Aerofly as many well known youtubers simmers stream while flying on Pilotedge.

    In the graphics upgrades for AFS 2023 I would love to have in-cockpit shadows (like in desktop version).

    I think this feature was present in an old version of Mobile AFS on ios and it disappeared. I guess it was to much resource hungry at the time but with newer mobile performance it would be great to have it back as an option

    Really what has multiplay got to do with a simulated aeroplane flight? Plane to plane interaction is avoided like the plague in real life. A two seat cockpit interaction might make some sense. Perhaps the I. Flight or Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders fans would want it but would it make enough revenue to cover the development and maintenance cost? I wouldn't pay anything for it.

    Is multiplay some sort of a social media gaming thing? is it for military formation flying? what?

    The most immersive flight sims experiences i had was on the Pilotedge network: a “serious” multiplayer environment with very high quality human ATC following real life procedures.

    I would really love Aerofly (desktop and mobile) to be able to connect to such networks!