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    Lots of speculation and noise from users about the new sim from the Microsoft Corporation. This sim works and works well and we have all enjoyed its many features. Hopefully we will continue to do so for some time too. Do not be like rats lining up for a run at the hawse hole, but be supportive and encourage one another here. This is a good sim with a good group of developers and users. My thanks to all. :)

    I have been looking for the good group of developers for some time now...


    Sie geben 120 Euro aus für 30 FPS?????:D

    Und dann Spielen Sie auf einstellungen auf Minimum und freuen sich noch darüber,verstehe wer will!!!!

    Aber egal,viel Spass damit.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I am spending about 2500€ for a new PC. At least I get a working ATC System and amazing worldwide scenery with a planet that is alive, not dead. Real navigation and so on... you know the upsides! I want a sim I can use for real life training and aerofly is at the current state not a suitable product.

    30 FPS isn’t bad, no need for something much faster in a flight sim. I highly doubt I will play the simulator at minimum settings.

    Da wünsche ich Ihnen viel Spass mit diesem Spiel,aber bitte kaufen Sie gleich die Deluxe Edition für 120 Euro das es sich lohnt.:thumbup:


    I don’t get your passive aggressive attitude towards MFS 2020. It’s a great simulator, that will probably be superior to Aerofly FS2 in every way. I am not worried about VR support, neither about frame rates with the right setup in Future.

    The Game will be very likely playable with a decent frame rate on a good setup. Xplane is improving a lot too on Vulkan.

    And yes, a high frame rate is very nice, but I am very happy with 30 FPS plus, as your eyes will not notice a difference worth mentioning.

    I think at one point it will be time to admit aerofly is not that much of a great simulator anymore, when Computers get more and more potent.

    Não vamos criar um tópico de "Haters" aqui, esse fórum é só para quem acredita no Aerofly e para dar sugestões construtivas para a IPACS, se você não ver fulturo não fique desmerecendo a comunidade. Obrigado.

    An Opinion has nothing to do with Hate.

    If you do not criticise, there is no improvement. If all users do is compliment, this will not help.

    I am indeed very grateful for the development of some scenery, e.g. the Island of Kauai. But the work of individuals which have done an amazing job has nothing to do with the fact that IPACS is very slow at improving their simulator which is sad.

    782 GB of Scenery in AFS2 mostly is more of Google or Bing Maps Picture scenery with some Autogen which looks very out of place in most cases. The World seems like a dead planet on Aerofly, no AI, no ATC, nearly no moving ground traffic, few good airports for non professionally made scenery.

    The lack of professional more in depth features of the sim makes it quite useless when training for a PPL. I really enjoyed the thought of photoreal scenery, but not at the cost of most of the features that make a simulator a simulator. Just look at the glide capabilities for instance on a Cessna 172, its not very close to the real thing sadly. Flight planning in the simulator is mostly not possible on the free aircraft as only add-on planes feature a Garmin system which make a simple flight plan possible. No possible adjustments in weight and fuel consumption, no real time weather (or different weather in general) have made the simulator a big disappointment for me. The lack of AI traffic is terrible and makes flying relatively boring. Once you have seen the good areas of scenery (most of them only look good from at least 4000 feet.), wherever it is flying gets boring without a realistic approach.

    Maybe Aerofly has a different approach, aiming for customers who just want to hop in and fly, maybe less professionally.

    I have bought every add on on steam, and clocked over 500 hours in the sim, which is definitely enough for me now. I will switch to Xplane 11 until MFS is out.

    And dear Jan, you guys might be great developers, but not great businessman. If you were you would take the concerns of your customers serious!

    Yeah, I mean. They are a small team and have lots going on. They surprised us the the 777. But I agree that the SIMULATOR should at least include shutdown procedure or proper gate spawns. Even though I would like better pushbacks or ground handling, I feel that starting with the plane shutoff at spawn (or at least the option to) is the first step the team should take.

    I heard that the sounds will be updated soon and I am hyped. Even the shutdown for a320. But this should have been included when the plane released. Like shutdown should have been included in the 777. They already added all the details to the aircraft, why not add that function.

    Note: I am not a dev or game dev and have no idea how to code a game; but if you can dev a plane top to button, shut down should be included.

    Also, can we get a glass cockpit for the 737 one day lol.

    You are absolutely right. I will be switching to FS2020 as soon as it comes out. New Hardware will not be a problem as Christmas is getting closer ;)

    Its frustrating to see that the Developers do not take constructive criticism serious and fellow forum members start to criticise us because we try to improve the simulator by stating our criticism. I think Aerofly was once a product which had a future, but seems dead due to the low market share of flight simulators out there. The lack of many features is frustrating and promises were never made. It can't be so hard to develop a working ATC system? Does not even need to include live weather, as the "weather conditions" do not vary a lot anyway.

    Dear Flight Enthusiasts,

    I know, its been asked many many times, but still : How likely is it we will receive ATC with the next update? Especially for those using the Steam Version for Mac that have no access to third Party ATC like windows users. Would love some feedback to make the flying even more suitable for real world training!

    Kind regards from Münster,

    Fabian :)

    Compared to the quality of IPACS add on scenery, they can 😊

    Let’s hope for some more good stuff until FS2020 is released and more people abandon AFS2. Really hope IPACS doesn’t lose interest due to the probably very low ROI then 🙁