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    By design Aerofly FS is kept user friendly and having to find the optimum graphics setting until it runs smoothly is not the right way to approach this.

    We already optimized the graphics quality and performance for you so that you don't need to worry about these kind of things and so that you can set something that your device can't handle. This way we can even adjust the graphics quality throughout the flight to keep Aerofly FS running smoothly. Allowing all users to turn everything on every setting would drastically decrease the frame rate or even cause crashes on lower end devices. We don't have these manual settings so that users are not able to crash the app or even overload their smartphone or tablet to a point where the entire device crashes

    Agreed - great call Dev Team. This is what keeps this sim’s usability and functionality great is all the optimization is done behind scenes so sim user can focus on the objective flying.. not counting frames and worrying about aliasing.

    No the Airbusses don't descent on their own unless you push something. But similarly to the Boeings you push in the altitude knob to start a descent immediately and it will intercept the VNAV profile. But in the Airbusses also change the speed target on their own to be able to catch up with the vnav path.

    Thank you


    I’ve been running aerofly 2019 and 2020 on my iPhone 8+ with the latest version of iOS. Both apps seem to work flawlessly, except for the fact that I cannot download the Switzerland region. This issue first came up on the 2019 app, but it eventually ended up downloading. However, it will not download on the 2020 version, no matter what I try to do. I delete and re-download the app, restart my phone, clear storage, but to no avail. I have around 10 gigabytes of storage, but it always seem to stop downloading at around 80%, stays there for five or so minutes, and then crashes the app. Any help?

    I experienced this issue. I just pushed restore purchases on that screen and it will download. As the previous person noted above, It wasn’t giving any indication but then all of a sudden I exit app and came back in and it says installed. You just need to wait.

    Hi all,

    For Boeing series - Just want to verify when prior to Top of Descent you need to manually initiate it by setting a lower altitude in MCP and then pushing the ALT button when T/D is reached ? I thought in VNAV PATH if T/D is reached and the altitude of next fix is input the A/P will automatically follow VNAV profile all the way down but I found this isn’t the case I had to manually initiate it- having said that I did modify the cruise altitude — so I am wondering if that causes an issue with the FMS and it won’t descend because it messes up the computations and this only works if cruise altitude is not modified?

    It was working for a while I think but I didn't implement it properly and a minor change broke it I think. This will also have to wait for future nav updates but I hope we can add this back in soon. You can still insert these values but the route may just ignore them at this time.

    Thank you 🙏

    Changing the cruise altitude is currently not implemented but I'm guessing it will be included with the future navigation updates.

    Thank you.

    I was trying to follow the FS2 old tutorial but was wondering why it was not working.

    I am assuming changing the LEGS speed/altitude restrictions is also not yet supported for either A320 or 777 ?

    Hi all

    I am using A320 in FS2020 mobile. I am wondering if there is some limit to changing the cruise altitude In MCDU? I tried to change it, it accepts the format, but doesn’t do anything. I searched and saw something from earlier this year about a fix not sure if this has been implemented yet.


    You have to push the heading button in

    Are you using the mobile version ? how do you push it in ?

    When I select the button; it highlights 2 green circles which I can only click left or right. Tapping the button doesn’t change anything.


    For A320 (FS2020):

    On auto pilot panel, accidentally selected hdg mode and/or spd mode - how do you switch back to managed mode (• - - - ) ?

    Experimenting found going back to CDU and reselecting flight phase mode seems to work..but is there quicker way? (Note: tutorial speaks to right/left mouse buttons but using mobile version so no mouse)


    Thank you - let us see why this is the case? One thing I noticed is Modifying: settings->graphic settings->transparency. I changed to lowest (slide to far left). This seems to make the A320 panel easier to read- but then horizon outside will not draw as far. For now it’s acceptable trade off. 😕

    All the right friend .. I have a huawei p30 pro graphics to the maximum .. And even so the cabin of the airbus 320 cannot be seen .. Especially in the overhead it looks blurry .. I don't understand why the 320 is like that .. The 777 looks perfect .. Hopefully it will make the controls of the airbus 320 better visible

    Hi all,

    In the FS2020 mobile version, I find the cockpit panel quality of the A320 a bit hard to read. Especially the buttons below the altitude and v/s knobs. I have tried changing the transparency under settings; and it seems the lowest transparency makes the buttons slightly more legible. However the 777 textures seem of higher quality and are much easier to read. Is this because the A320 is a port from the older FS2 version? Any chance it will get updates to have higher resolution textures ?


    Hi all

    For the FS 2020 mobile version, is there any Airbus A320 or 777 tutorial ? Something that would show how to do ILS landing and use FMS? I saw one on the wiki blog but it seems for the older FS2 version.