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    You and I, who are also looking forward to future new things in AFS2.

    But unfortunately as JAN said the development team is small apart from other internal rendering things, textures and more which makes things take longer. So what I can suggest to you is the following:

    In Flight Sim Org search for "UK" there will be all IZ0JUB's Cultivation areas you can download the ones of your interest they are well worked, save the mistake there are some airports too. This is the only option to wait for an update of these regions for the PC.

    Enjoy what you have there it was not for nothing that these areas were created.

    I will search i didn't know until then! The only problem is that I miss trees ......

    Are you sure? So why do I mention the idea of making these regions available as big as that?

    Okay, I agree about make a new aircraft it takes time and money, but what about the UK regions, nothing? you can't even make it available externally on Steam? What are these regions making difficult for development? no major updates like last year .... I agree that there are not many regions for various channels on Youtube that say that this is a big factor that leads people to choose other simulators, but here is my thanks to IPACS for providing us with the quality and what aerofly already has. ;) Believe me as a fan of this aerofly I am anxious for the new future things and I can't wait to pay to enjoy :love:

    :/ I don't know why to expect a new Aerofly for the mobile version the Ipacs probably won't make a mini computer version for an ultra thin and hot device, the fact of adding trees, polygons and ultra textures for a resolution 2K, 4k it generates a tremendous overload on the device and possibly your tablet will explode and maybe crash I suggest you buy a computer to be able to play in ultra and full features

    As we mentioned previously we will update our products on an irregular basis and we do not tell any release dates. We are not sure, why some user think that a 'big update' is coming. As we stated previously as well, we are working on multiple new things and will publish updates whenever they are ready.

    It got me really down. Having no future of what the mobile version enjoys I think we are excited to believe that one day it would come to the Aerofly computer version.

    Hello Peter Simon , I can make a video for you in private explaining how to activate the developer camera

    Take a look at the Wiki tutorial:….php/sdk:developer_camera

    Happy Easter!

    Please make the video for me I would like to see this view on the video.

    Hello here! again i can't access all the developer cameras i have is just the main one that moves along with the plane as i access the other cameras ex: camera positioned on the runway to watch the landing and takeoff without moving along with the plane ? I can't move quickly and I can't even lock the camera position so that it stays still, even with all the control assignments when I move the camera it moves sideways and up very slowly and I cannot lock the position...

    I think they mean that some colors are blurred on the wings on some models. And that the stabilizer has a very black paint, I agree the livery from Lufthansa has white in the rudder stabilizer as it is currently in the PC version.