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    Thank you for the inputs.

    Captain Aron: no, the mouse does not work either.

    I think Jet-Pack has the right answer. But the problem is that I use only the Joystick and the quadrant for the engine speed contol and not the

    additional neccessary quadrant for the lever/flab control.

    At the time this additional lever control is in my region not jet available.

    May be Jet-Pack has an idea to overcome the problem until I can buy flap lever quadrant.



    I recently bought the Thrustmaster Edition, Joystick and the Quadrant TCA.

    With the Joystick alone the Flaps setting work well. :)

    When I now connect the Quadrant (USB), the Flaps can't be moved anymore at any plane. :(

    Has anyone an idea where to look for this problem?