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    Take that into account.?(

    Attention dear developers there would be a chance that this will be taken into account as there are several users who have already talked about this it may seem boring to someone who is not bothered by it, especially since the simulator is being updated and there are no improvements in that.

    The shadows on the plane's fuselage are still exaggerated and ugly, especially on the Airbus320. There are several pictures here about it, I think maybe there is a very exaggerated shape of the fuselage texture tone that adds to the shadow of the pieces making a horrible drawing looking like a crack in the air. aircraft.

    This needs to be correcting other games and simulators do not have this they can compare. Sincerely Michael


    Oh yes a very little rework is needed to reach absolute perfection. But it may be a big work underneath!

    Yes, I believe that maybe this will require a lot of work but the result would be a differentiator. Aircraft have changed a lot in the past and it is necessary to see these changes in the SIM.

    Good night I would like to suggest that you work better on the painting of the plane implement these details below I think that put sharklets maybe it is a good idea please.O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

    I'll ask them hahaha. I only asked to tone down and never to take it off, since in the game itself on mobile and FSX the tone is excellent and not too expressive. To tone down it will never stop being realistic because your planes are much better than some sims thanks IPACS.:thumbup: