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    Thank you for your replies guys.

    What I meant was if the FMGC of the 320 has the option of selecting an approach other than an ILS since up to now all the approaches that I have found are labeled either ILS. or the runway designator.

    Funny thing is that I selected an approach for 02 on Santa Maria that was labeled 02 and it turned to be an RNAV approach..

    So my query is whether the nav database has non precision approaches on it but does not have them labeled as such(as per the example above.

    Anyway thanks again for your time.

    Hello everyone.

    Does anyone know if there is any airfield that has a non precision approach(RNAV,VOR)available?

    I am really interested to see in case there is one if it could be selected from an A320’s FMGC or the only option is to select an ILS no matter what.

    Many thanks.