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    If you're running low on space, I'd recommend deleting 2020.

    I'm pretty sure FS2021 has everything FS2020 had with some new additions. Nothing was removed.

    Yeah, I'd do that. Kinda running out of space. Idk how but lol. Thanks for the reply!

    Hey there!

    Little question, since I bought 2021, I'm wondering should I keep 2020 on my phone or should I remove it to free up some space? Let me know. Thanks! :)

    Hello there,

    I would like to suggest if this would be possible to iOS users. I have an external keyboard for my phone so I could do some stuff faster on apps, m idea is: Would it be possible to bring external keyboard support to planes, custom keybinds, example, Z to fly, P to park, etc. Most of the times I use an Xbox Controller to fly better, thank you!


    Sorry for late response, the airplane I mainly use is the A320, I can’t locate the button in that one only for the screen and panel lights.

    Hey guys,

    I'm here to have so what a dumb question. Does any of you know where the cockpit lights are located at? I know the regulars ones but I don’t ant the ones so your entire cockpit is lighted, I can't see anything at night time!