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    You're right, it is 8 Go of RAM, and 3 Go VRAM, my other spec are Intel i5, 2.3 GHz

    I get 60 fps with VSYNC on. With VSYNC off, I get 120 fps on San Francisco with ultra/ lens flare on / vulkan / anti aliasing on.

    With my Acer VR mask, I also get a very good quality and frame rate with the same settings.

    So for me, my PC is still very good for the Aerofly FS2 simulator, which I consider to be the best one for graphic quality optimization.

    I am just disappointed about Paris DLC, because I thought that I would get the same performances when I bought it.

    But I should have paid attention to the minimal requirements on the Steam store page ...

    I tried your settings advice (medium shadow and disabling lights), but I still get a crash with Vulkan.

    I will also try different settings with OpenGL to get the best fps.

    Above Etampes airport (N48.38°, E2.07°), I get 130 fps. With my today's tests, I didn't have the same problems about landing.

    I am not sure why, may be the total time flight, I will investigate.

    Thanks for the help. At least I can use this Paris DLC which is of course beautiful!

    hello, sorry to answer in english, I don't speak german.

    Here is my experience with Steam / Aerofly FS 2 / France VFR - Paris with a GTX 1060 / 8 Go RAM:

    - Vulkan does not work when I fly close to Paris. It works when I am far away in the areas with a few 3D details, but as soon as I get closer to Paris, there is a crash.

    - if I switch to OpenGL, ok it works on Paris, but with a slow frame rate (< 30 fps)

    - whatever OpenGL or Vulkan, I also have some problems when I fly at low altitude for landing: the frame rate dramatically slows down which makes the simulator almost unusable for this flight phase, even in the areas with a few 3D details (for example the aerodrome of Etampes where there is only satellite images and 3D trees).

    I think there are still some work required for this DLC because for other DLC (San Francisco for example), the framerate and image quality is perfect for me with Vulkan ("ultra" quality, CAVOK, 60 fps, 1080p).