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    I have been wondering when and if you will receive an update with new traffic sharklets ...? only next year? second semester or maybe until May? I would like to see options so that we can choose between wingtips and sharklets on all planes or if it is impossible to place sharklets on all models.

    Try to go on Steam and on customization (Maybe) work, as JAN said they are working on it.



    I'm not finding this solution, my game was deleted and demoted for the first time in this recent update, I can't find past versions.

    Jet Pack Jet-Pack (IPACS) think about your customers sending us the last update because it is a lack of respect to be at the mercy of an update that doesn't even know when or if something will be resolved, this is the least that you send us the last version for anyone who wants to download it on Steam until it's as promised!!

    Or give us a hint where we found the last update on Steam remembering that we deleted the game and installed it again due to a problem!

    Just like in the mobile version and I sent a screenshot to the support but when upgrading nothing worked. My question is would there be a link from the previous version? I don't mind waiting longer for the EC135 and cold and dark until this problem is solved

    I understand that I already sent some screenshots in the mobile version I also thought it was only there, as it was a long time since I flew on the pc with a detailed route, last week I realized this problem the plane leaves the route many times and does not follow correctly landing they do not capture the ils system at all airports that I’ve been trying to get there isn’t one yet that doesn’t have this problem what was good was bad now the navigation was great.

    Developer Jan I will follow more about the problem unfortunately as all airports have this problem on landing the route of the aircraft does not follow correctly they are deviated from the navigation line shown on the ND when the curve they turn before or after, on the landing when they capture the Loc turns long after the hour causing an aircraft to line up very close to the runway I will attach some captures here later.

    But for that reason I as a user of this platform would also like for now that you send an update containing the navigation of the previous version until this problem is solved as it seems that it will take a long time to solve it.

    I can't believe that even today this problem still exists on Android, this is ugly, how can you leave it like this? I could at least release an update to fix this I believe it is not difficult. A shame to take to update and still comes with this problem could they fix it? coming soon

    Olá Jet-Pack (IPACS), gostaria de dar algumas sugestões eu sei que cada coisa exija mais trabalho, valerá uma pena para AF2

    1- Adicione Sharklets ao A320 no futuro

    2- Coloque o Liveries presente na versão Mobile.

    3- Opções para ajustar sombras de materiais de aeronaves.

    Thank you for read this

    Eu acredito que ainda não seja uma atualização concluida não sei por que a qualidade caiu não tem como "desatualizar" uma atualização. Eu possuo um aplicativo apk do AeroflyFS2020 com os gráficos normais contando que seu dispositivo seja Android se a IPACS me autorizar posso enviar para você retornar para a versão passada.:!:

    OK let's wait for some news from the developers members. Thank's

    Olá noto que os aviões em alguns dispositivos apresenta uma pintura dos aviões e sua qualidade baixa em algumas aeronaves em modelos potentes ccomo tablets e celulares recém lançados em apples a pintura é melhor façam com que o jogo apresente uma pintura mais detalhistica e menos embaçado. :|

    I also notice this but this will only work for tablets or cell phones with a good GPU on Ipads and apples even a little lower does not have this really we will see if they can adapt this in the next update. I think that if they improve the paint maybe work or not well I don´t know.