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    Damn! The Turbo Arrow flew this route perfectly from KMRY for over 3 hours all the way to the right base turn for KPSP (next waypoint after PSP), and then turned the wrong way! It did a small "S" turn- turning left and then right onto the heading shown in the screenshot below. I continued on AP for a few more minutes, but she just kept going in a straight line.

    Here is the cockpit view with the a/c in the location shown on the Nav screen above. AP is on, and coupled to the GNS 530. GPS DTK is 078, TRK is 123 - both are incorrect!

    • Fixed C90GTx airspeed indicator now receives data again

    The advanced autopilot (A320, B777, LJ45, etc. - not the C172, B58 autopilot) should now be able to fly the entire route laterally without any issues.

    Please test this as well with longer routes as we can't test every possible combination.

    C90GTx ASI working - thanks!

    The JF Turbo Arrow GNS 530 seems to follow the Nav course fine (KMRY->KPSP via several waypoints), except it still won't fly the SID, so I didn't try the arrival either.

    However, I note that the GPS displays "28L", which was the takeoff runway, where the next waypoint should be.

    It also appears that the ETE field is now indicating the time to the final destination, not the time to the next waypoint, as it did before. After checking the Garmin manual, I believe it should be time to the next waypoint. The manual defines ETE as the estimated time to the "destination waypoint", but it consistently uses "destination waypoint" to mean the next waypoint in the flight plan, rather than the final destination.

    And while I'm being ridiculously picky, the arrow between MQO and the next waypoint should not have a "D" in it, as the next waypoint is a standard waypoint, not a direct-to destination :)

    But other than that, it's an almost perfect facsimile!

    Jan you have done an AMAZING job on the C90. All the critical issues are fixed, except the speed tape. I have noted on my original posts where items have been fixed. There are three minor switch issues remaining:

    - Crossfeed should be closed for engine start (and probably also C&D).

    - I would have the NAV and RECOG lights OFF for engine start.

    You even implemented the man gen ties switch so the beacon can work before engine start! One note on this switch is that it should be a momentary action UP to tie the gens to the bus; they should then remain tied unless (a) the switch is moved to the bottom "OPEN" position; or (b) both generators are turned off (or fail). The purpose is to automatically kill power to non-essential equipment in the case of a dual generator failure to preserve the battery. However, I can easily live with the current implementation - I'll just add a checklist item to return the switch to the central position after generator start.

    Reference on the gen tie switch:…tches-have-white-circles/

    I've mixed most of the issues with the C90.

    3. I cannot replicate the start switches being swapped. My left engine starts when I turn on the left ignition start switch and always has.

    5. I can try to make the propellers spin more freely. Do you feel like they stop too soon when I turn the engine off?

    Hi Jan

    I think I understand the confusion. The problem is that the ignition/start switches start the aircraft when set to the fully DOWN position, where actually it should be the fully UP position. For reference see the video below. At 1:30 you can see he pushes the switch UP to start the engine.

    This confusion caused me to report issues 1 and 2 in post #121. I pushed the ignition/start switch for the right engine UP, and nothing happened. Then when I pushed the start ignition switch for the left engine DOWN, the left started. I assumed that this was some sort of lock-out to prevent both engines from being started simultaneously, and that the right ignition/start switch, which was in the start position, had started the left engine. Whereas actually it was the left switch correctly starting the left engine, but in the wrong (fully down) position. Both issues can be resolved by making the engine start in the UP position.

    Also, at 1:33 and again at 2:38 you can see that the prop of the engine being started turns slowly, even though the Condition lever is still set to IDLE CUTOFF. This is because the starter is turning the gas generator turbine compressing air, and the resulting airflow slowly turns the power turbine that turns the prop through the reduction gearbox. This is what I was referring to in point 5. The correct start sequence should be:

    Condition lever - IDLE CUTOFF

    Ignition/Start Switch - ON (fully UP) - Prop turns slowly, but engine does not fire because it has no fuel.

    Confirm N1 12%

    Condition lever - LOW IDLE - Engine starts

    Confirm N1>51% (and ITT <1080)

    Ignition/Start Switch - OFF (centre position)

    Generator - ON

    Condition Lever - HIGH IDLE (to generate sufficient generator current for second engine start)

    Setting the Ignition start switch DOWN - which currently starts the engine - should turn the prop slowly (as described above) but should not start the engine even if fuel is introduced, as the igniters are not enabled. This position, which is labelled "STARTER ONLY" on the panel, is used to clear excess fuel from the engine, and is a momentary position that springs back to OFF (centre) when released. It is not required for a standard start.

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    Thanks Jan. I tried again, ensuring my speed was within limits, and didn't have the problem. I was able to reproduce the problem by using FLC to climb to 5000 ft with high power. On reaching 5000' the speed keeps increasing as their is no over-speed protection, until eventually the AP silently disconnects. Audible over-speed and stall warnings would be nice :)

    King Air C90 GTx Cold and Dark

    C&D is actually much better than before engine start. Although some of the control positions are strange (like Power Lever in Reverse), these are on the before start checklist, so are corrected before starting.

    The items that prevented the checklist from running correctly are:

    1. Rotating beacon does not light before engine start (minor). FIXED

    2. No engine instruments available with Avionics Master OFF. FIXED

    3. Left and right Ignition and Start switches swapped around. FIXED (UP to start)

    4. Engine will only start if other engine's Ignition and Start switch is fully down (showstopper).FIXED (UP to start)

    5. Props do not turn slowly during start with Condition Lever on IDLE CUTOFF (minor).

    6. Turning GEN 2 ON after right engine start does not clear R DC GEN and R GEN TIE OPEN warnings. FIXED

    These are all described in more detail in my previous post. I just wanted to highlight the key issues for starting from C&D.

    Not sure whether this is a new issue in the alpha release, or an old one. I find that the King Air AP disconnects often, for no apparent reason. I'll be flying along quite happily in say HDG and ALTS mode with AP engaged, when suddenly it changes from AP to FD (flight director) mode. One possibility is noise on my joystick control inputs, since I notice that the AP disconnects if you give manual control inputs. Even though I'm not touching the joystick, it is possible that noise makes the AP think I'm giving manual control inputs, and disconnects. Any other ideas, or suggestions how to prevent this from happening?



    This is a bug report for the alpha software (second release), but I decided to start a new thread as there are a number of issues that may require further discussion.

    With "Before Engine Start" selected on the aircraft location screen, the initial state of the King Air C90 GTx has the following errors:

    1. Avionics master is ON - should be OFF. I expect this is done so the MFD, which includes engine instruments, will be on during engine start. However this also means that the radios etc are all on during start, which is wrong, and there's also some wierdness with the PFD (see below). It would be better to enable the MFD as soon as BATT MASTER is ON, while leaving the PFD, radios and other avionics connected via the Avionics Master switch, which could then be OFF for engine start. - FIXED

    2. Left and right generator switches are ON - should be OFF (to reduce load during starting). - FIXED

    3. ENG AUTO IGN is ON - should be OFF for both engines. - FIXED

    4. NAV and RECOG lights are ON - should be OFF.

    5. Beacon is ON which is correct. However the beacon does not operate as it requires generator power and the BUS TIE is OPEN. Normally, you would manually close the bus tie before turning the beacon on. However, the GEN TIES MAN CLOSE switch does not appear to have any effect. A simpler option would be to connect the beacon to the battery bus (as was done on some later models) so it will work when the gen tie is open. Of course then there should be a white circle around the beacon switch to indicate this :) - FIXED (MAN BUS TIE CLOSE)

    6. Power lever is set to REVERSE. That is wrong - the manual and placard states that reverse must only be engaged with engines running. Should be set to IDLE. - FIXED

    7. Prop is FEATHERED - should be FULLY FORWARD (max RPM). - FIXED

    8. The voltmeter on the overhead panel indicates 28V on the left and right generator busses with the engines off and the bus ties open. Presumably this should read 0 V. - FIXED

    After resetting controls as noted above, and following the engine start procedure I noted the following:

    1. The Ignition/Start switches are reversed - the left switch starts the right engine, and vice-versa. FIXED (Ignition/Start UP to start)

    2. The Ignition/Start switches have no effect unless the other ignition/start switch is fully down which is incorrect, and took ages to figure out! The fully down position is actually supposed to be a momentary position that springs back to the centre OFF position. It's function is START ONLY, which turns the engine to clear fuel but does NOT enable ignition. It may have been intended to prevent attempting to start both engines simultaneously, but then it should require that the other switch be in the centre OFF position. FIXED (Ignition/Start UP to start)

    3. The prop does not turn when Ignition/Start is in either the START ONLY (fully down) or IGNITION/START (fully up) positions with the CONDITION lever in IDLE CUTOFF. With the switch in either of these positions, and assuming battery master is ON, the starter motor will rotate the props, although the engine will not fire as there is no fuel. The engine start checklist starts with the condition in IDLE CUTOFF and Ignition/Start ON, so this should be addressed for realism.

    4. Once the right engine is started (using the left engine start switch!), resetting GEN 2 and leaving it in the ON position does not extinguish the R DC GEN warning light on the annunciation panel. It appears that BOTH generators are controlled by the GEN 1 switch, which is incorrect. GEN 1 should control left generator, and GEN 2 right generator. FIXED

    5. Once the generator is turned on using the GEN 1 switch, the PFD turns on. So presumably the PFD is not powered by the battery when the Avionics Master is ON, and you will lose the PFD if both generators fail in flight. Not good. As above, I suggest that the PFD be connected to Avionics Master bus, which can be powered by battery or either generator. FIXED

    6. The NAV lights switch controls recognition lights, and RECOG switch controls the navigation lights. FIXED

    7. As already mentioned in the alpha thread, the speed tape always indicates 0.

    Other than these issues, it's great to have C&D and Before Engine Start options.

    It seems the autopilot in the JF aircraft are using the output track directly which now is a true track no longer a magnetic track. That means we will have to adjust the code accordingly and keep the magnetic output for them and change the display again. Ok, give us some time to fix this next week.

    Do you observe the same issue with the autopilot in our default aircraft?

    OK, quick type conversion to the King Air.

    Departing KSNS RWY 31, no SID, routing KMRY APP R10RY (as per post #37).

    After takeoff, AP on, NAV source FMS, BRG source VOR1. AP flew left turnout, overshot visual course markers, but turned back to right and intercepted visual markers, which it tracked towards waypoint ZEBED (see first pic). Approaching ZEBED it appeared to be heading about 3 degrees right of course, and overshot the waypoint by 1 nm or so. Then turned left as expected, but remained in rate 1 turn to the left. Second pic shows flight displays while in the turn. I exited, went into the Nav screen, then returned to the flight, but she just kept turning. The flight was hands-off from shortly after takeoff when I configured the AP and raised the gear and flaps.

    I note that in the second pic, DST remains ZEBED, even though it had passed ZEBED. So perhaps it is circling around ZEBED but for some reason never triggers the selection of the next waypoint.

    If you leave the flight and go to the navigation menu and resume the flight, does that restore the waypoints?

    But apart from the autopilot, were the indications on the display satisfactory?

    I repeated flight in post #73 to test this. Note that the waypoints on the GPS screen appeared correct at all times. It was just the DTK and DIStance that were incorrect. Going into Nav menu and back to flight (without actually changing the programmed Nav info) did not have any effect.

    The distance to and DTK to waypoint ZEBED changed very suddenly. See pics below. First pic, 18 nm to ZEBD on DTK 255. Second pic, a couple of seconds later, shows 1.34 nm to ZEBED on DTK 272. However, ZEBED is still displayed in the same position on the GPS. Also NB that the ETE has changed from 13 mins to 4 mins and GPS mode has changed from TERM to APR. Otherwise, GPS indications appear correct. Going into Nav screen and back to flight did not change anything.

    Happy bug hunting, Jan!

    Departing KSNS RWY 31, no SID, routing KMRY APP R10RY (as per post #37)

    Turned out left as expected, but came out of turn on heading 265 not 255 as per DTK. Flew straight on heading 265 for a while, then DTK changed to 271 at which time a/c turned right to heading 285 (see pic). When the distance to ZEBED reached 0 (although not at ZEBED due to incorrect track flown), the aircraft started turning very slowly to the left (about 1 degree every 2 seconds). Eventually the turn rate increased to rate 1, then the turn reversed to the right. The DTK seemed to be changing periodically, with the AP trying to follow it but never coming out of the turn even when the track was same as DTK.

    KMRY to KSNS no waypoints in Arrow (as per post #38)

    Initial track from takeoff somewhat right of course. GPS 430 displayed DTK and actual track, which differed, but AP did not correct actual to DTK effectively. When the DIS to waypoint reached 0, it entered a continuous left turn with DTK changing all the time. This differs from the previous build, when it overflew the waypoint with no heading change (and which did not display DTK). Below you can see it has turned left past the course to KSNS (actually this was taken after it had already flown one full circle, and then passed the desired course again).

    Thanks for the testing, it appears that the next waypoint location is sometimes not set correctly. That causes issues when the track is being computed and it shows "nan" or infinite values. That's never a good sign.

    Does this only happen when you set a departure? Or does it already happen when you set a departure runway?

    KMRY RWY 10 to KSNS RWY 31 with no SID, STAR or waypoints.

    Turbo Arrow, AP ON/HDG/NAV/NAV1/GPS.

    Aircraft maintained runway heading. The GPS counted down to the approx. distance where it should have turned left to KSNS, but did not turn. After passing this point, the GPS CDI arrow showed flying away from, and distance started increasing again. The GPS DTK showed nothing (underscore). The GPS was in its default takeoff state - I didn't do anything to tell it to follow the programmed NAV, but I don't recall that being required in the release version.

    Here's the final position vs. the course set in the Nav screen.

    Departing KSNS RWY 31, no SID, routing KMRY APP R10RY.

    Turbo Arrow IV, AP ON/HDG/NAV/NAV 1, with NAV1 set to GPS.

    Aircraft turned out correctly, but flew about 10 degrees to the right of the course indicated by the GPS and the green visual course markers. On reaching a point the same distance as waypoint ZEBED, but abot 1 nm from ZEBED due to the diverging track, it flew random turns to the left and right, sometimes a full circle but other times only 10-20 degrees, never straightening out, until fuel exhaustion put me in a watery grave.

    Same thing with the Lear and Turbo Arrow from KPSP RWY 31L CATH1 SID routing KEGE. Here you can see the SID turns out right, but the Lear turned left through more than 360 degrees. Since I'm not familiar with the Lear, I tried again with the Arrow to be sure I had set the AP coupling correctly, and it flew the same track. This time though the Arrow GPS desired track did not show any numbers, just an underscore.

    Hi Jan

    So I got my type conversion to the Lear, and the same thing happened. I just took off, then hit the AP and NAV buttons, and she flew continuous circles to the left. MRY9 SID from KMRY 10R. In the pic below, she has already turned 360 degrees to the left.



    Thanks for the update, guys!

    Just Flight Turbo Arrow departing KMRY (Orbx) runway 10R via SID MRY9.

    GPS shows desired track 83648 deg

    Autopilot ON, HDG ON/NAV. Aircraft flies a continuous rate 1 turn to the left.

    Same result when taking off from 28L via MRY9, with precisely the same DTK.

    Same with SECA2 SID from 10R.

    Here is the Nav