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    I don’t think there is in the FMC, at least not during preflight. The FMGS on the A320, for example, does provide ETA after departure on the F-PLN page but during preflight planning I’ve never found a way as you would need to enter your departure time manually to give the system a frame of reference. In a fully functional FMGS (not trying to denigrate what IPACS provides as what is provided is awesome like the rest of this sim) you could enter an estimated takeoff time in the F-PLN page but I don’t think this is modeled. Sorry, not a great answer so maybe somebody else has some tips or maybe I’m totally wrong and there is a way to do that in the sim!

    Although everybody will have their preferred fuel load with less weight being better for short field performance, theoretically the fuel load, assuming ZFW remains unchanged, could be increased to around 14t without pushing the aircraft over MLW. That could be enough for some longer flights without “running out” of fuel.

    Hi - I have a quick question on the Q400 fuel system. I tried searching up this issue on the forum as to not repeat a thread but couldn’t find it so I assume I’m doing something wrong. When I simulate a flight and start by shutting down the engines at the gate and then subsequently restart the engines, after the appropriate pre-flight prep, I occasionally receive low fuel pressure warnings on the annunciator panel a few minutes later, typically during taxi or climb. It doesn’t occur all the time and sometimes happens to one engine and not the other so I can’t figure out what creates the low fuel pressure scenario (it doesn’t occur if I simply start the sim with the engines running and leave them like that). Per procedure, I turn on the AC-driven AUX pumps for both engines (MFD confirms AUX pumps are on) before takeoff to hopefully ensure proper fuel inlet pressure at the engine-driven pumps and I try cycling the AUX pumps on and off throughout the flight to clear the issue but it seems to go away on its own independent of this action. FF to both engines appears normal, even with the indications illuminated, but fuel doesn’t appear to be consumed when this indication is on.

    I hope I’m doing something wrong as it’s pretty neat if the sim can simulate a low pressure scenario in the fuel system! Maybe I need to change those fuel filters on my Q400!