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    what am I doing wrong

    green line I just gets Scenproc line; export tsc requires 2 arguments


    ExportTSC|C:\Users\USER\Documents\arofly work\save\Cultivation

    #ExportOGR|osm_way_id="451992729" or osm_id="451992729"|KML|C:\Users\USER\Documents\arofly work\save\Cultivation\Mel\details.txt|layerName|ADDSPECIALATTR


    Hi all

    Im new to this page but been flying aerofly for a long time along side FSX.

    Just wanted to know if anyone is shearing

    Scenery files?

    What I mean if anyone has put the hard efforts on SDK builds- scenery and mesh on to cloud so people like myself can download.

    I dont have the skills or time to make my own.

    I could be asking a dumb question but having troubles finding the links to any files. Please help. Cheers.:)

    Hi all

    100% VR if its not VR its not worth playing.

    Im runing own built Pc- i7 9700, Nvidia 1070, 16GB Ram, PS4 VR on Trinus VR on Steam VR platform.

    Love it.

    Aerofly2 on ultra settings

    I know I should have oculus rift s and a Nvidia 2080 but I will as Santa Claus for them this year😉

    Im a big fan of VR I think 2D is boring even xxx vids lol. Only games that are not needed in VR are games like GTA and simular. All first person shooter and Simulations should all be VR by now.

    Made this video in VR😁

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