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    Time flies.

    It must be close to 10 years since I tried putting AeroflyPro on my iMac. The customer support from Germany was very helpful but I think my old computer was the limiting factor. I liked the fact that I could use my old DX8 transmitter even after I stopped using DSM2/DSMX with real models, but the system was too clunky and froze up a lot.

    What kind of improvements should I expect in version 8? Or should I buy 7?

    When I last dipped my toe into this area, I think the Tx had to be tethered to the computer. I'd like a wireless connection if that is possible.

    I plan on using this as learning tool for new types of models. Flying a full size simulator at work isn't considered entertainment and this won't be either.

    If anyone can give any input as to system requirements, that would be appreciated.