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    It's a very good question. I have all three panels and they are all supported by Aerofly. It shows up in the controller settings the way it should. But all the features doesn't always work in all the planes. Flaps, gear, radios and autopilot usually work. I guess it depends on what's modeled in the plane you're flying

    Thank you for the response. So by autopilot working on some planes do you mean that you can input and set values by turning + - the knob to the right of the digital display and the values change accordingly in the virtual cockpit of the plane on the monitor/headset screen? I have seen YouTube videos of this happening in X-plane 11 and I hoped to have the same result in Aerofly. Could you possibly list some of the planes that you've tested working with the multi panel?

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    I'm new to Aerofly FS 2 and just bought the sim plus some add-on sceneries to fly in vr with my Hp Reverb. I have s question about Logitech Flight Multi Panel which I have an opportunity to buy cheaply but I haven't found conclusive answer as to whether it works with Aerofly. Some posts I found claim it partially works for some buttons but the autopilot and digital display for putting altitude speed etc. don't. Other info I've found said it was in development but all these post are quite outdated from 2-3 years ago. So maybe some knowledgeable people here could share any experience with this piece of hardware if you have any and help me out on this

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