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    ok so i have this weird bug in aerolfy fs 2020!im playing in android btw! There seems to be a problem with the reflections in all planes!instead of getting building and runway reflection on the underside when on ground i get clouds and thats it! So yeah something is wrog with the reflections on all planes!pls reply if theres a way to fix or if you have the same problem:)

    Can you attach a picture? I might have the same issue on iOS.

    I don't experience any crashes on my iPad can you please give us more info about your device?

    Do these crashes also happen with traffic turned off?

    A lot of people are experiencing crashes, and I am too.

    Traffic full, few crashes are in the London area, but most crashes are happening constantly in the Manchester area - you literally cannot spawn at Manchester with traffic on.

    iOS 14.0, iPhone XR (3GB RAM, 64GB Storage)

    I thought I was ok multiplayer all of a sudden. Yay other users flying with me, oh wait, it’s just AI 😭

    AI is better than multiplayer. You haven’t got other idiots crashing into you and stuff.

    Fair enough I’ve also got the hi res scenery on the iPad. Have you had any more game crashes during short hauls in the uk cos I really don’t want the game to crash when I fly London to Edinburgh tonight

    It’s inevitable. If you do a short haul, the game is gonna crash.

    Good morning gentlemen thank you for having a lot of information about aerofly my name is Leandro I am a Brazilian lover of virtual aviation Well I have a Samsung Note 9 Android phone very nice phone I have Aerofly 2021 installed when I simulate a cell phone I would like to know if this is a problem common Android or problem with my own cell phone? thanks sorry for the english i'm using google translator to be able to write these questions

    Not exactly sure what you mean, but how do you have Aerofly FS2021 on android? Its not even released on Android

    What? My game is still under 5 is it cos you downloaded all the regions, even my iPad with all the regions and scenery says 4.58GB

    I downloaded the U.K. And South Florida.

    Most people would’ve downloaded these anyway too I inagine

    We could have gigabytes of traffic models featuring all airlines of the worlds... We've limited it to a few and these are somewhat the most common in the default area. We can add some more traffic liveries later, yes.

    I would like some British/European airlines now that there is now U.K. scenery, that’d be nice, but I understand you guys are trying to keep the storage space it takes up to as low as possible (it’s nearly 10GB!)

    The replacement algorithm prefers same airline over same aircraft. We can't have all aircraft in all repaints and therefor we have be creative.

    So even if the flight shows A319 you may show a similar aircraft like the A320. Or a B737 replaced by a A320. But we're keeping it failly simiar.

    But what about airlines?

    I’ve seen what is supposed to be British Airways A319s, but instead they’re Spirit or United A319s.

    I still haven't been able to download any of the region add-ons. I've tried rebooting my iPhone 7, downloading multiple times, deleting the app, downloading with WiFi and 4G and through the restore purchases, all without luck. I already bought the Switzerland too. What other methods can I try?

    I struggled downloading the U.K.

    It eventually worked when I was just switching between AF2021 and another app.

    It was probably just some sort of luck, but this version of the game appears to have massive download issues currently.

    Yeah like Aviator Gamer had a load of Speedbird 77Ws at LHR but mine doesn’t look like that. I also use an iPhone XR but my main aerofly device is a 2018 6th gen iPad 9.7. Spawning at Manchester made my game crash even after a restart. I’m planning to fly LHR to Edinburgh later, pls tell me the game isn’t gonna crash when I try this flight

    I believe my device can run atleast some static aircraft at airports, instead of them just being empty.

    Everyone is experiencing the Manchester crash bug, and most likely you will crash when you’re flying near Manchester. This means the Nottingham, Birmingham and other areas around it

    On iOS we can manage the maximum graphics settings for you so that the simulation stays fluid all the time and still offers as much detail as we know your device will be able to handle. This can lead to some static ground objects not being loaded when your video memory is already full. The visual difference is therefor explained by hardware differences and could potentially be affected by weather or not you did a fresh reboot or not.

    On Android there are too many devices out there so that we cannot create a good profile for all of them. That means users will have to manually adjust a slider and can easily overload their own devices too. This isn't ideal because the user spends less time actually flying.

    Can iOS users get a slider? This would be helpful since I believe my device is powerful enough to load in alot of static aircraft.

    FrankLFRS in the photos above has Bristol International with Thompson and EasyJet aircraft.

    For me there is literally just air at Bristol International, no aircraft. :(

    In most U.K. airports, it’s just empty. Look at the screenshot with the helicopter in (Heathrow)

    This crashing bug needs to be sorted out. It seems to only be in the U.K.,

    I use an iPhone XR, iOS 14.0 and with atleast 5GB storage free.

    Here are most notable times crashed:

    Flew from EGLL-EGNX, once entering the area of Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham, the app crashed atleast 5 times.

    Attempted to spawn at Manchester - eventually did it - crashed the sim a couple times.

    Attempted to spawn at Birmingham - literally could not spawn - sim kept crashing.

    At EGLL I have experienced a couple crashes too, but not many, it tends to be within the areas around Manchester (Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham).

    I have traffic on at full.

    EDIT: (Update) I am trying to spawn at MANCHESTER now, I can’t, the sim always crashes.

    The benefit of the schedules is that they are pretty compact compare to sending real time live data from each aircraft. And often the airline schedule repeats daily or weekly or after 14 days. So at some point it will just restart like in the real world too. Only new routes that the airlines just started or routes that are no longer served will be an issue but that's like 0.01%

    If you take Aerofly FS 2021 offline now, even for a year, you'd still see traffic.

    Alright, thanks!

    I’m probably going to be using this simulator a lot offline, which is why I was wondering if the traffic still showed up.

    If you send real time data, it wouldn’t be incredibly fun. Yeah, you get to see all real time aircraft, but you might just want to sit at the airport and spot - that could take minutes for each plane to land and takeoff.

    Airlines nowadays tend to just operate their current routes. Not many airlines abandon old routes or make new ones.

    The only issues I have with the traffic (and I’m sure these will be fixed over time) are:

    1. Aircraft landing right next to eachother, At Heathrow two aircraft landed, one directly behind the other)

    2. aircraft Taking off right next to eachother (same as above, but taking off)

    3. Wrong aircraft or Airline loaded.

    Number 3 is most likely because not enough models are in the game yet. Every time there is a B767, it appears as a B787. This is because there is no 767 model yet.

    What was meant to be a JAL 777 loaded up as an emirates 777.

    This is probably because there is no JAL Livery on the 777 yet in the simulator.

    Despite this, this does not cause the experience to be less realistic.

    This simulator is amazing, especially for mobile, and I thank you all at IPacs for bringing such a great simulator!

    I hope to see more liveries soon.

    Thomas Cook A320 maybe, Bmi/BmiBaby 737-500 maybe? Some more British airlines now that we have the U.K.?:)

    That's technical details we don't want the competition to know :)

    For now you will see the same traffic each time you launch the sim so that we can reproduce the same situation 100% of the time. Later on it will fly according to real world traffic schedules how ever we may see fit and hopefully react to the player's position and flight direction.

    If it sees real world schedules, what if you turn your internet off or go on holiday for a while? You won’t be able to see them aircraft.

    I don’t mind seeing the same aircraft, but I’m wondering what would happen if it followed real schedules.

    If you launch the sim whilst on holiday with no internet - will there be no traffic?

    So there will be single player and multiplayer? So no matter what this simulator will be always offline atleast.

    By it reads the data from 2019, I assume you mean it repeats a cycle? If so, then how?

    Does it just read random days or times?

    ok now I REALLY promise - last thread today

    I’ve been wondering if the AI Aircraft work offline? And what sort of information do they use?

    And why can’t you see military aircraft (F18s)

    I also found this - thanks iPacs:)


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