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    Hi can you please keep this new aerofly 2021 in App Store forever that way i can always have access to it because if you remove it and i have to get a new iPad but dont have access to my account anymore i wouldn’t be able to re download it or access it thank you best regards

    Just purchase the newest version.

    I don’t think they’ll go above 10 dollars in price. If they do, I’m not sure many people will purchase the game again.

    Contrails in the real world don't always show up and we may end up simulating that accurately. So to get rid of them you'd have to change the simulated weather :D But that's something for another day.

    I’ve never seen contrails that don’t show up from weather. Contrails usually show up only if your throttle is around 60 percent or above (I think).

    This is why you may see aircraft that don’t have contrails in the sky - they’re not at a high enough throttle usually

    The trails are just that, a path marker that the airplane took. They are not necessarily contrails as such and we may add actual contrails (which you cannot turn off without changing the weather) which may intensify at greater altitudes.

    The trails serve to help identify aircraft in the air and can be turned off during the flight with the multi-function button menu in the top right corner.

    Thanks for letting me know this, I thought so.

    I have it turned on at higher altitudes since it looks nicer, but at lower altitudes I still keep it on just to see any paths, since the huge text is quite annoying

    Also what do you mean “without changing the weather”

    Final thread of the day - I promise :D

    At London Heathrow, the Approach guides do not seem to turn off even when I turn them off, it’s annoying and strange.

    I also have a question about the aircraft trails

    Are these trails supposed to act as Contrails?

    If so, they should only work on Jet aircraft above 24,000 feet (approximately) but in the game, these trails work on props and at any altitude, are they supposed to be a trail or a contrail?

    I managed to get my U.K. scenery installed. This is just a very very minor bug I found and it’s probably in other places than the U.K., but the ST Athan market is way off of where the airport is. When you click on the map marker on the map (near DSA) it moves your camera to St Athan.

    Just a minor minor bug I’d share :)

    Brilliant idea! This would be a great way to kill time and relax! I second this; should be simple to implement, but has a lot of opportunity for us. Nice idea :thumbup:

    I was just playing the sim for a while, and I got bored, so I just sat at an airport and watched the airport but I had a limited view as in the ATC view I was locked onto my plane, and I can’t zoom in enough in the cockpit view. I would love this feature, since the sim can get boring after a while

    Hey, so I’m wondering if something like this could come in a future update.

    With the new release of AF2021 it brings AI aircraft, now if we could go into an ATC view which isn’t locked onto our plane, that would be amazing for Planespotting!


    It would only make sense to hear these if the cockpit also had older instrumentation right? I don't think that's a very popular request though and the amount of work required for that is too much for too little use.

    Oh right, I didn’t realise that the cockpit needed older instruments. I just looked and found out that yes they are different.

    The a330 would be awesome, but I don’t expect any new aircraft soon seeing as we just got the new helicopter. I currently think that the way the game is going is that it’s going to be the same game. Usually the next years version is released in November. I don’t want to see an open world due to the storage issue. The game already holds a hefty 8GB and to install the new update yesterday I had to delete infinite flight, that’s how bad my storage issue is.

    Hey guys,

    Idk if this is a bug, but I tried to make a FPL with the 777 earlier as denver no longer makes my game crash (thanks devs you guys are awesome btw) but I put KDEN into the FMC destination airport and pressed execute, next thing I know the text disappears and no route to Denver is set. Anyone else tried this after the most recent patch and had the same thing?:/

    The FMC is not fully functional, but it has certainly got some small features to it. It’s enough to enter your route, you have to choose you’re actual route through the navigation tab.This is a very small detail that nobody really sees but I just think it’s cool that some of use use it.

    I had tried doing this yesterday, and I inputted a destination. It did appear. I clicked activate and then pressed “EXEC/Execute”. The origin airport still was present on the FMC, but the destination wasn’t.