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    I’m on my iPhone XR. I get 60 FPS and it’s clear as day, no bluriness. As admin said, it could be due to the CPU Usage, but I don’t think an iPad 2019 would struggle with that. Some ground vehicles are slightly different, but other than that, my device runs the game exactly like before the update.

    Be sure to check that there are no other apps in the background. If there is you can also turn off background app refresh in your iOS Settings

    Hey iPacs, so I was wondering something,

    could we see in the future the ability (only for the A320) to switch between new and old callouts?

    So maybe in settings somewhere?

    I’m not sure why but I just like hearing how weird these sound.

    Here is a video of the OLD A320 callouts:

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    I would hate this. The reason I got Aerofly was to be portable. Since all files are stored on your device, this means it works offline. If the game didn’t work offline I wouldn’t spend money to purchase it.

    True tho the detail and realism in aerofly is just ridiculously good for a mobile sim. The way the screens look, lighting in cockpits in the dark, now engine cutoff, the 3D buildings and incredibly detailed airports and cities surrounding them. Any devs if you’re reading this, you guys did an awesome job on this sim and the update and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Thank you for such an amazing game. We really appreciate it 🙏🙌👏

    It’s almost too realistic. Unfortunately though, for all of that detail and realism, we must sacrifice device storage. The game currently is at a hefty 4GB, or about 8 GB if you get the HD photoscenery images, and the Switzerland scenery. I assume this is why the new Arizona scenery is very low quality.

    Hi! I’d like to share my thoughts on the new update, starting with the A320:

    The new liveries (for iOS) look amazing! Even if the textures are lower quality, I don’t really notice until I look closer.

    The GPWS sounds on the A320 and A380 and the tire screeching sounds amazing!


    This new helicopter is amazing to fly, it’s fast!

    I’m not really a heli guy, but this thing is so cool! The liveries look amazing and the cockpit does too!

    And finally, my favourite feature,

    Cold And Dark:

    The new helicopter and the Learjet, A320 and Q400, and I believe all propeller aircraft, can be started from cold and dark.

    This adds an entirely new part of realism to this game, and pressing the buttons sounds satisfying to me 😆

    I’ve not tried the Arizona scenery yet, but I love this update even with its little flaws. The thing I would like back though is the default GPWS in planes that don’t have the realistic one, like the Boeing’s, it makes it harder to do smooth landings without GPWS.

    AugustaWestland helicopters are very nice, would like to see this too

    suggestion: adding an AW139 helicopter to the game, it would be great to fly that helicopter! NOTE: I know that the developers are still working on the ec135, so I'm just giving a suggestion for a possible future helicopter

    Yes I saw that about the new update I’m very excited for it because I hope that I can fully turn off the 777. Also, how come I can’t fly to And land at airports like KDCA,KJFF,etc on the east coast?(iOS)

    Not all airports are modelled, like Mojave Air and Space port. The 777 will be able to be started cold and dark, but we’re guessing that it won’t be for a while. It’ll begin with the A320 I believe, then more in the future.:)I’m also very excited for the new update

    Wanted to know if IPACS is thinking of adding a super carrier in Aerofly FS 2020 Mobile . There would be features like launching and recovering aircraft . I would be amazing 😀

    When you say carrier I’m thinking of aircraft carrier, what is a super carrier? Aircraft carriers may come in the future I think

    Check out Victorville / Southern California Logistics Airport. In reality, a lot of 737 Max are parked there, but to me it seems this might be some kind of scrapyard as well.

    I found that and I decided to search it (I found it a few hours ago) and it has got part of a scrapyard, but so wish the parked planes were actually there and not images, I’m talking about things like Eva air 747s or KLM MD-11s etc

    Hi there, I am wondering if we will ever get the Mojave air and space port or Airplane graveyard in the game? I’d love to fly over the airport and look at all the scrapped planes. It’s currently just part of the aerial images (see photo below)

    Oh and is there a airplane scrap yard in the game already where I can fly over and is modelled and you can land there? :)

    So in the steam shop you can buy the netherlands with the big airport schiphol, you can buy france with the big airport charles de gaulle and you can buy switserland (what you can also buy in mobile), but why the mobile users cant buy extra planes or extra airports?! I really like to fly in europe with new planes pless make the mobile more like the desktop version!

    I think it could be because the mobile versions of these aren’t worked out yet. Only Swiss for the mobile one. Would be great to see France and fly through the Eiffel Tower, or maybe some challenges at Lukla, these places would need mobile optimisation though. I’m sure plane DLCs would come sometime in the future. I’m sure the price is good enough for this game, but if the developers wish to release DLCs that would be good but if one thing happened; if they didn’t release a yearly release of Aerofly I’m sure that this would come quicker, but I’m not a developer so we’ll have to see. With every yearly release you would need to purchase all the DLCs again, unless they implemented a feature where your purchases on previous versions would also take place on newer version.

    And what about the dlc can that come to mobile? I have the new ipad pro 512gb so i think it can handle that too

    Would be great to see a new DLC! I only have a 64GB iPhone XR, but I’ll have to delete most of my apps to get a new update for Aerofly FS2020. I’m willing to do that anyway since Aerofly is my main flight sim on mobile, and I’m super into aviation! A lot of my apps are old apps, junk apps or things I just don’t play anyway lol

    but it would be like other simulator.. download the data for your route then fly, we use online and still have the default scenery for those who don't wish to subscribe and would like to fly the default it would be win and win for both side

    Although this would be nice, I’ve had problems when using this sort of thing with X-Plane. Sometimes I might use the route when I’m offline but sometimes I might just wanna fly around anywhere without a route or mess around in a fighter jet.

    I face similar issues... A high end OnePlus 5T running the simulator on maxed out graphics showing 60fps is unable to render the cockpit of some aircrafts eg. A320, C90, L45. I wrote about this a while back where in its impossible to read any of the panels of these aircrafts making flying really difficult. Hope you can look into it because earlier on maxed out graphics the cockpit used to render really well like a proper HD quality cockpit but after an update it's impossible to read the panels.

    I believe this is a previous update that has decreased the quality of some things, like aircraft cockpits. I think everyone has the same issue and it’s very difficult to read the switches in various aircraft, whereas the 747 is fairly clear, but the 777 has an incredibly clear cockpit.