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    hi developers i had a question or an idea.. having played aerofly fs 2020 and learning how beautifull the scenery i had an idea, why don't you add a global scenery instead of choosing some small regions and rename the aerofly fs 2020 mobile to just aerofly fs mobile and maybe add monthly subscriptions so as to make the simulator more popular, do you think this is possible according to you developers????

    As cool as this would be and I’d love this, this would greatly decrease the quality in Aerofly scenery as there will be a lot more storage, unless it download all the scenery data as you spawn. But then this would increase loading times, and maybe cause offline play to go away, as all the current scenery is already downloaded.

    That is a REDUCTION or a CUT, a limit is like not driving above 30 mph through the middle of town. This is more like pulling the leads off half of your spark plugs.

    Yeah it is, but it does say it will limit it. It limits it to 30. I guess you can use it when your phone battery is low. I never use the limited frame rate though because it’s absolutely horrible, it feels like I’m trying to run a game like x-plane on a really low end computer.

    The flight info at the top reads ground speed too, you know :)

    The R22 is a slow aircraft in reality. It doesn't have that much power and is a small and light helicopter.

    The upcoming EC135 will get you places much quicker! 150kt indicated is pretty quick :)

    The R22 has been a really fun aircraft to use in the game since it was added. It’s a unique one for the game since it’s a helicopter, and real fun to use and get some scenic shots.

    But the EC135.. now you’re talking! I’m really excited for this new helicopter!

    Is there an estimated date of when this will be added? And can there be an RAF Police livery?

    Friend with all respect .. Aerofly 2020 is not for low-end devices .. It is for mid-range and high ... I have a huawei p30 pro .. I have a lot of space and a powerful gpu to play with the best graphics .. For I ask that the planes be improved.

    You’re only thinking about yourself here, I honestly don’t really want the planes improved as the game already takes up 8GB space already, I’d rather have that space used for liveries and more planes in the future. I can play with the best graphics too, I’m sure a lot of us can, but for those who can’t, it’ll just make it worse

    I don’t think they would because it’s not really a big deal, and it’s to save memory, and from your phone potentially overheating. It helps people using lower end devices

    If your graphics quality is low, few planes have appeared. If not, it may be an optimization of your device so as not to force the device preventing the simulator from crashing.

    I use an iPhone XR if that info is needed. But where is the quality settings? I only have transparency of control elements and limit frame rate

    it will be great if we see the reflecting light from wing view

    Yeah that would be good, like seeing the Nav lights and strobe lights on the ground. Would be great to also see the Landing lights and taxi lights, as it’s difficult to know the taxiways and know if you’re too low to the ground when it’s night time

    Ok so.

    I was looking at differences from Aerofly FS2 to Aerofly FS2020 and I found that there are 3 extra liveries (one has been removed) for the A320.

    So I wanna know why these liveries didn’t make it into Aerofly FS2020

    1: Edelweiss (which I’d love to see)

    2 Cathay Pacific

    3: Cloverleaf air (I believe this is fictional, but still looks very nice!)

    I’d also like to see the Lukla scenery added to mobile since it’s on the PC version, that’d be cool:)

    Hey so I was wondering, is there any way I can play the MOBILE version of Aerofly on my oculus quest?

    Someone else did another thread titled “Aerofly only gives me simulators” and they say they got their phone screen to go over to their quest. I’m confused.

    hello, can you please add the flash white lights while wing view on boeings and airbusses? Ive noticed while wing view, flash lights and the red green lights disappears. thanks.

    They don’t disappear, that’s how they are in real life. They’re at the front of the wing, not the back, if you’re looking from the back.

    Why is it that that airports in Switzerland scenery such as Zürich can load ground equipment and better gate quality even at lower settings but airports in the US cannot . Is there any way to fix this.

    I think it might be because there are simply MORE airports in the US part that we have, meaning that it would take up more storage on your phone or tablet etc

    It would be pretty cool for a slider that you tap, and it opens a menu and you can choose the doors to open. But at the moment I think this would be useless, as I believe ONLY the A320 has the ability to open the door, and it can only open one door I think.