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    Hi! What do you mean “a different browser”? It’s an in app purchase, not an online download, unless there is a way of doing that and I don’t know of.

    Also I believe the Switzerland scenery is about 4GB, are you saying you are downloading a Switzerland scenery that is 400KB?

    We are developers, if they are not going to add in the immediate future the boeing 737-800 ... They could add improvements to the boeing 737-500 add more systems .. Better sounds .. Power off the engines etc more liveries

    I honestly don’t really want to see the 737-800 at the moment, it’s quite similar to the -500 (excluding the cockpit) and it’s nothing unique. I’d like to see a 767 or 757, or RJ100, planes I don’t usually see in mobile simulators

    Poop Hello, I'm new to VR and I have the Oculos Quest. I'm having a problem getting Aerofly2 to actually put me in the cockpit, I've paired my phone to the headset but there must be a step in missing. Any help would be appreciated.

    How do you pair your phone to the quest? I also have a quest, and I have no clue how to do this.

    By this I mean how do you get the quest to show your phone screen?

    Weather, Ability to install liveries, and dynamic light, are all things that’d be great to add! The map of Europe though, I don’t think so. Why? Aerofly is already 8GB with both addons. 8GB!! Any more would increase that by quite a lot, and it wouldn’t be nice.

    I would personally LOVE, and I mean, LOVE to see the 767 in the game, or a 757. Mostly the 767 or 757 Freighters, as we haven’t got a cargo plane yet. It would also be nice to see a Avto RJ100, or a TBM900

    This is not possible on iOS due to restrictions made by Apple.

    Yeah, and it’s really unfortunate. Another flight game, it’s not really a sim, it’s a game, called SimplePlanes has a “mod” feature, but unfortunately because of an update Apple did a few years ago, mods can no longer be downloaded on iOS. Add Ons for Aerofly fs2020 CAN be downloaded, but only on android. They will Not work on iPhone

    I’m not totally sure, and I don’t recommend this, but I’m pretty sure that there’s an application on PC where if you connect your iPhone, you can modify all files, like game files, and put add ons in there. I don’t recommend this because I’ve never tried this, and because Apple doesn’t really allow this, something could happen to your iPhone, not totally sure.

    We purchased a -200 model very long ago and just made small upgrades to that.

    As we explained in other threads many times the -800 would require a total rebuild of the cockpit and there are many changes on the exterior as well (engine pylons, wing geometry, flaps, slats, spoilers, wing tips, longer fuselage -> new set of textures, etc.). If we have to put in the same amount of work as for a new aircraft we may as well choose a new aircraft that is different and not "another" B737. Maybe something that you don't see in every other sim out there like a modern new airliner with the latest and greatest avionics. We are not ruling out a 737NG and it is still a popular request. The B737NG would be an excellent 3rd party aircraft. Most things are already there from the other Boeings we have, including autopilot, fms, efis, eicas and what not.

    So does this mean there’s a chance of a -200 soon? Would be great to see one in game. I do like the -800, but I still love the fact that instead of adding the NG (pretty much every sim has it) you added the Classic. Aerofly is a great simulator for older aircraft!

    There are very few -200s still flying and for that reason we chose the -500 with more modern engines, still with an old classic cockpit.

    The -200 would’ve also been a great addition, as it’s a unique plane and I’ve never seen it in a mobile simulator, but why did you choose the -500 over the -800? And are you planning to add the -800?

    Hi! I’ve been wondering, why did you choose to add the -500 variant instead of the -800? I have no problems with the -500, as it’s a great aircraft, and I love that Aerofly has it as part of the 737 Classic instead of always adding the NG series. But I’ve been wondering, why the -500? Also, could we get some more liveries on it? Real liveries btw, I get that the ones on the -500 in game are real liveries, but they don’t actually exist on the -500. And some have inaccuracies, like the British Airways livery (which IS a real livery that was on their -500s) it’s the normal BA livery, but on their 737s they have a little black semi circle that is in the nosecone. Thanks for reading this, hope for some replies:)

    there is no computer running Aerofly, its the mobile version I am talking about. with your competitors mobile ios flightsim I can take an old computer and hook up my usb hardware to it. Then given that my ipad and the computer are connected to the same network I can enjoy the hardware on the ipad. they are talking to each other with a small software installed on the computer, very easy and takes the mobile sim to a new level.

    wish Aerofly had this possibility

    Can I know what the software is? Would it work with my Saitek yoke? It’d be nice to see how this works, and see how it would be if it were to come to Aerofly

    Hey, so I was wondering, is smoke available for the Extra 300? And if so how do I use it? I’ve realise that there are smoke buttons but I don’t think they do anything. If it isn’t in the game, is there any change the iPACS devs could add some kind of smoke trail like clouds, and in settings you can decrease the amount that shows? It’s be cool if you did the same thing with airliners and stuff, add contrails I mean.

    Did anyone know of any extra tutorials? For the gliders or Extra 300?

    I don’t think there are, the only “tutorial” is on the flight school, or if someone did some kind of tutorial on YouTube. I’m still wondering if the Extra 300 has got smoke.

    Talvez possa ser o efeito do sol que deixa os motores com uma cor mais clara dependendo do ângulo de luz, mais para mim é normal.

    Are you using an aircraft that has got silver rings? Some aircraft do have it and some aircraft don’t, even though it shows it has got silver rings in the aircraft selector.

    What are all aircraft with and without? I just checked the 747-400 and 737-500, both in the menu have silver rings, but in game the 747 has somewhat silver rings, but the 737 has completely black ones

    Hi everyone. I’ve just realised that android has more liveries than iOS, like on the A320, android has TAP Portugal, Aer Lingus, Air Asia etc. This update seems to have never come out for iOS, and I’m wondering why? I do feel as if it would come out in the next update, and they wanna release more than just liveries atm. Please answer why the update isn’t out for iOS. Thanks :):thumbup:

    This would indeed be a great feature and I’m really hoping this is added some time. I’m guessing you can change the amount in settings, maybe in “General > AI Aircraft > a slider saying:

    None..Few...Maximum, or a slider going from 1 to 10, meaning you can have a max of 10 AI Aircraft, and they would de spawn when they get so far away and would re spawn somewhere near you. I really want to do some follow flights with AI lol.

    I’m sure they make enough money from the game anyway lol! I don’t think they should, because Aerofly FS2 (not FS2020) already has this feature, where instead of purchasing the game and immediately having the aircraft, you can buy them individually. I really hope the developers do not do this, as the whole reason I bought FS2020 is so It’s only one purchase.

    What I simply do is just fly above the mountains and activate navigation after I’m past them, or disable navigation, enable autopilot at the same settings but increase the altitude, then if you need to turn, disable AP and turn, since I can’t get AP to follow my set heading, it just continues straight. It’s the same with a flight from Zurich to Geneva, it almost crashed into a mountain.

    Hey all! I have a big question, and it’s probably a big wonder across the whole community. Does anyone know when the next update will be?

    Could it be when the next version of Aerofly FS202X is out?

    Ive been really wanting a new aircraft, and what in really waiting for is a cargo aircraft.:thumbup: