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    From how I understand it the question was asking for a purely online game, accessible only when you are connected to the internet, without the need to install the actual game itself. There are new types of games now that are running in the cloud and where you just connect your device and send the control inputs and you get back basically a live-video feed of the game. This makes it possible to play with insane graphics on a very small end user device but it requires a constant internet connection. Aerofly is not heading in that direction right now and we do intent to at least keep an offline playable game if we ever went in that direction.

    Multiplayer requires an online connection but is a whole other story. Aerofly may get a multiplayer at some point but that will always be optional.

    So if multiplayer does become a thing, you can still play singleplayer offline? I just want a game that can work offline atleast. With other simulators that have multiplayer and single player, you can’t play offline AT ALL. I hope that part, if not all of Aerofly will be offline always, for whenever we’re out, like on a plane irl

    I have a question for any of the mods/devs. I am usually out somewhere, and I absolutely love to play Aerofly when I am!

    For this reason i hope it will be offline and always will be.

    So here’s my question:

    Will Aerofly FS202X always be offline, or will it eventually become an online game? And you Must have internet connection to play?:)

    I hope it’s updated. Quite a lot of aircraft, even the A320 have low quality textures on the cockpit panels. I rarely fly this aircraft, but It’s a great plane

    I would really love if there were some more liveries for the 737-500, I’m thinking of the BMI livery or BMIBABY livery.

    I’d also love if there were some cargo aircraft, like these:




    What do you think?

    Another feature that’d be cool is if people could make liveries, and fly them, and then they can request for them to become a in game livery, and if IPACS accept it, then everyone can fly it!