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    Yes its really awesome. Built one by myself and wrote some plugins and extensions.

    Oh well i dont know if that is 6dof yet but there are users with additional custom built surge, traction loss and belt tensioning systems. :)

    But back to topic: Is here an admin, developer or some other guy who is in response for this issue? Please Help.

    Is this a known problem and on schedule to be fixed? I would accept any type of fix to crank up the update frequency.

    Thanks and best regards, Alex


    i just signed up.

    since i am currently writing a motion plugin for the SFX-100 platform ( i had a fight over many hours with the provided data.

    The external dll itself is called in about 50+hz frequency.

    The update interval is around 10hz for the majority of values.

    Some values are updated only 1hz interval (Aircraft.Acceleration or G forces for example).

    I tried the 10hz values and of course the rig is stuttering...

    Even tried to interpolate values but the resulting lag is also a problem.

    In my opinion the telemetry data is not usable with the current update rate for motion rigs.

    Is there a mapped memory file or something? I am currently exporting the data via udp.

    Am i missing something? Am i doing something wrong?

    If so - please tell me :)

    Best regards, Alex