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    I don't agree with the logic of aerofly ipacs development, just compare other simulators that have updates every semester at least which for me is enough, but here there is a kind of secret "Oh because we can't reveal anything because we're still working" I bet the european scenery is maybe 10% better than the ones that some members managed to get from the mobile version which for me doesn't make any difference here there has always been this thing of only publishing something when a thousand things dressed perfectly in good condition. Ask users who enjoy the scenery of London and the uk they are sure to say they have fun even if they can't ride the vulcano, so spend years just promising things so that only when they meet your strict and determined requirements to be resolved that I never understand? Just rethink the question of why there are games that update monthly without the need to promise ... for months and keep making suspense? lack of staff? let's go guys work on ways to win more audiences aerofly is not just anyone out there.

    can banish me judge me i'm 49 nothing like scolding shakes me more

    The converter checks for a model.tmc file inside the intermediate folder where the bitmap files are located.

    If you don't have this file yet can create a simple text file with this content and save it as model.tmc.

    Here is the example for the intermediate/a320/model.tmc file make sure that you change 'your_repaint_folder_here' to the repaint folder name that you want to convert.

    The MaxTextureSize is the maximum resolution possible for the conversion for the textures listed below. Only files that are in that list are converted at that the set quality. Other files are converted in 2048 by 2048 pixel resolution per default, which is sufficient for 95% of all textures. We don't recommend converting all textures at sizes above 2048 because then the aircraft may no longer work on weaker systems and the file sizes and loading times increase a lot. Your graphics card memory may not be able to load all the files at once which could be an issue when loading the aircraft or you'll be able to load the aircraft just fine but get lower quality scenery as you approach the maximum vram. That means your graphics card also has to load more textures when needed which can cause loading stutters, etc. So pick the most important textures and leave it at that.

    Excuse my ignorance but will this increase resolution?

    To add 1/16 of the texture in the right place the program needs to know from you the delimitation of the region in which the texture has to be! The ttx file tells the simulator where the texture should be on the plane. Programming is not magic or the computer does 0 or does 1 look at the image below:

    I really understand things are more complex

    The idea would be cool. Could you please take these suggestions below

    -Add more paint on the a320 as an example the most used Jet Blue, PIA and LATAM and if possible add the paint from the Airbus industry.

    -Sharklet implementations (but do not remove the wingtips for the user to choose).
    -Remove a little of the haze in the painting of the plane that is visible in some points of view.

    -Pushback with start engines.

    I have a 3 GB iPhone (XR) but still get bad quality in the A320 cockpit and exterior

    Não entendo o porque de alguns apresentarem uma melhora e outros não deveria ser assim acredito que varia muito de iOS porém quando jogo no iPhone intermediário de 3-4 GB RAM há uma melhoria significativa no jogo resolução alta e sem serrilhados eu tenho um celular de 4 gb recente rápido com placas boas e que roda super bem em comparação a iPhones mais não consigo ver diferenças nas pinturas. Seria legal se eles melhorassem pelo menos as pinturas.

    Olá equipe por que alguns dispositivos têm uma qualidade e textura de pintura um pouco mais alta em alguns didpositivos do que em outros como androids, com boas placas gráficas e altas memórias de RAM ??? por favor adapte isso para androids por favor abaixo alguns exemplos

    As imagens abaixo se referem a dispositivos iOS inferiores a alguns dos Android e a qualidade é muito boa a qualidade do avião e do cockpit é de invejar

    Atualmente, os dispositivos Android são muito poderosos e alguns da Apple são antigos, tente combinar as coisas, por favor??

    This screens are from iOS with 3 GB RAM looks like perfect.