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    I have turned the Graphics Quality right down and all seems well. I have jumped from location to location at various altitudes and nothing untoward has happened. So, here's hoping. :)

    Thanks to all of you that gave me advice and assistance so quickly.

    Best wishes,

    Mark S :thumbup:

    Ok will lower my graphic quality settings by a couple of settings. If this works, will I be okay to reinstate my third party stuff?

    Thanks to AOB and Douglas55 for your replies.


    Mark S.

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your swift reply.

    Nvidia GTX1050 4GB

    Graphics Quality - All on ULTRA

    Processor: Intel i5 7300HQ @ 2.5Ghz

    RAM: 16GB

    Playing from ADATA External HDD

    Asus FX553VD Laptop

    Perhaps what worked for AFS2 doesn't for AFS4? :/


    Mark S.


    I have applied the above update and my simulator is now freezing during flight and crashing. Something I have not experienced with Aerofly FS2 before.

    I have used some 3rd party material from and imported images and elevations from AFS2 third party scenery from the same source and from scenery bought through steam also for AFS2

    Ok. So I removed all images from my Extra User Folder, verified the game files (7 re-acquired) and then tried the tutorial flight for the 777 from KDEN TO KSFO. Firstly PFD and EIFIS would not display correctly but then did after I paused and relocated the aircraft, internal sound came and went as well. Then it froze and crashed on approach to KSFO.

    Aerofly is usually bullet proof but this is beginning to remind me of FSX and its little foibles.

    Please advise.


    Mark S. :/


    Sorry if this has been asked many times before but....... where to I place Cultivation files downloaded from Flight-Sim .org? I have successfully placed airports in /documents/scenery/places, mesh in documents/scenery/elevation and aircraft in documents/aircraft. However, I cannot figure out where Cultivation files go not to mention what images and maps are all about. :)

    I use FSX-SE and X-Plane 11.50 and the late (un) lamented FSW and have no problems with their file structures.

    I have Aerofly FS2 Steam Edition.

    Any help much appreciated

    Many thanks in anticipation,

    Mark S.