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    Part of this question I can answer according to a post by Jan here on the forum in which a user asked about how demanding the update made to new features demanded, Jan highlighted only a slight CPU requirement of around 5%, Unfortunately this topic is very difficult to find I can't find it, but I'm almost 100% sure that it was said.

    Let's be a little less exaggerated guys, I like all of you, can't wait to try new features.

    I know it is a long wait, but I believe it will be worth it as we have been shown at some point and that is why I'm still here!!


    Answered they will launch a new Aerofly with 10000GB in the next year and more powerful, that is, it will not work with medium and hight computers, but with last generation macs and Alienwares ok perfect

    I just wanted to understand one thing when you say "We don't have a big team, we don't have time" Is it because you are ahead and prioritizing VRM? while we stayed here liking and thanking you for your good excuses and answers? ok small team but how you must know with you invest in social networks or something else to be able to grab moress and more customers increase income and hire more people Anyway, this is with you, I just think it's CRAZY that mobile versions are way ahead of the computer version that is much more expensive, but if you want to earn more money and customers you will have to make some efforts because most of the people who know Aerofly don't do it. they don't buy due to the fact that everything is slow and very hidden you are very closed and this is not just me who speaks it is not the voice of several customers

    read and after you can delete*

    Here is the proof in real life the autopilot lands the plane centered on automatic landing already in the aerofly it has a deviation making it difficult to land in low visibility so I activate the function of the copilot, but against this function he lands above the ramp.

    This happens in both mobile and pc versions and maybe on mac i am using a mobike to demonstrate this but on pc it is the same

    Come on I'll tell you what I do in detail

    start an ILS approach on any runway using the normal autopilot when the plane is 800 feet away you will see "Landing inhibited", after that press your assigned automatic co-pilot key on your PC (Do not decouple the autopilot, just activate Copilot) and

    just watch the landing do not press anything only observe landing until complete stop.

    You must be asking why do I do this? Because when landing on Autoland autopilot, the plane does not land in line with the runway only with the action of the co-pilot, it makes the landing centered with the runway.

    Hello can someone help me with this

    What I'm looking for is one of the following:

    in the A320 tmd file after doing a back-up, I'm looking for a configuration that when landing with the automatic copilot, the reverse opens only after a while and not immediately when the plane touches the ground the same thing as the ailerons. In real life, Aileron only rolls upwards after the spoilers open completely on landing. I just wanted to know if there is a function to delay the reaction time values of these things on landing. Is there anything to do with Threshold?

    Dear developers, there is some hope of an update just to fix the navigation bugs by the end of this year or it is serious that we will have to wait another 2 4 5 months. some news I'm not asking for improvements, but just a problem resolution for you.

    So, Sir if you can Upload some more Screenshots then "Community Members", "Administrators" can help...

    This is the problem here already has countless catches I will not condemn myself so it will not do any good example of this is that some users pay for idiots thinking it will do. I'm sure the developers know these problems much better than we do.

    I and several users have already explained this here, several times and even a person from the forum put several screenshots, but in my view this bug is not solved with route implementations, it is really a grodesque bug the plane was landing automatically and when i noticed that it was decentralized i used the automatic copilot in it the plane went up and down to land before the runway.

    This situation happened when activating the autopilot for landing because it appeared cat1 even using autoland so that the landing was automatic centered it went up and down after I activated this if you have any tips on where I can move to fix this or some old version please send me

    Unfortunately this is unavoidable I can't fly any more because of this damn problem I already crashed the plane twice for automating it and time goes by and nothing ... maybe you will have to wait 1 to 6 months until the next update is being a neglect that I never saw it here. Why don't you return to your previous navigation while the problems are resolved? the answer is simple we are resolving .... until when? no solution? past navigation temporarily implement?

    Very disturbing that everything was working normally with just a few bugs but minimal thing compared to this not flying anymore because every time is really a headache and I believe that this will not be resolved anytime soon the previous version I don't think so either beginner here has no time it's just a vacuum............