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    Just like in the mobile version and I sent a screenshot to the support but when upgrading nothing worked. My question is would there be a link from the previous version? I don't mind waiting longer for the EC135 and cold and dark until this problem is solved

    Dear developers, after a month that the trial version was placed on steam, we users are having several navigation problems, especially on the a320, the plane does not follow the route, does not capture ILS and Glide in addition the aircraft land off-center with the runway in automatic landing, problems that there is never a solution I think a little disregard for us users some users here try to help as much as possible by bending route captures but it seems that nothing resolves as in the mobile version we cannot attach infinite routes here. Was there any possibility of restoring previous navigation soon? or what will be the plans for now is a two or three days that go by and nothing of the navigation problem will be solved please evaluate it soon.:(

    What do you mean rudder moves faster?

    The simulated rudder is too slow?

    How exactly did you measure the 3° angle that is missing xD

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    Minute 00:50

    Bam changes the left servos to 0.910865233466 hehe

    is this what you were looking for, I only changed 3 left servos here, so let me know if they need to be more up or down and I will give you the code for you to paste into the file! :)

    I'm not able to find this folder that you modified but thanks

    Hello users I have two small problems both on the A320, I tried to send email to the developers but I did not get feedback I understand a lot of work and little time. Therefore, I believe that perhaps these will be solved by myself, the problems are

    1- When checking flight control the rudder moves faster than in the Simulator

    2- The Ground Spoilers

    (first spoiler after the fuselage) needs to be opened 3 degrees more at landing

    Maybe I can solve if so how?

    Bonjour je suis peu de temps ici je cherche les repeints des avions j'ai déjà regardé STEAM et je n'ai pas trouvé où le trouver? payeur où?

    Olá, eu estou aqui para saber se eu posso adicionar librés feitos no A320? Eu realmente queria ver o A320 e b777 nas cores e pinturas de fábrica no Afs2, Ou se você pode editar textos, linhas Nos aviões Afs2?

    Hello, I am being very sincere, I am satisfied with AFS2, one thing that I and many users would like was the paintings on the A320 by tam and lan, could you add these beautiful ipacs in the next update? It seems that some users who already use Android have these libres would be legal for PC. thankful.