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    Will anyone know when this navigation problem will be solved? As well as our friend here said that a month has passed since this version is published on STeam in my opinion that it would never have to leave the beta version nobody solves anything and the problem continues we will have to wait for a new update in another month or 6 months to solve a problem that is not even ours ?! this is very disrespectful i know i will be massacred by some users for speaking my opinion but for liking the aerofly very much i wanted a resolution of this is a simulator that serves my purposes but it is boring to fly with this problem.

    Our goal is to have as few options as needed. Each option takes away play time and keeps the users in the menus asking what the heck does this slider do.

    We get a lot of users who are confused about our current options and settings already. Each additional option just confuses most users even more. Not everyone understands the options and settings as quickly as you guys. So more option is actually not beneficial to most users nor to us. Fewer options are the way to go and if you see issues like these you can obviously ask us to make the necessary changes. We can then make adjustments if needed for everyone. I'm sure everyone would like to see the most realistic picture on their device. So why would you limit that number of users to those that figured out how to adjust the slider to the right setting? It should be correct and realistic per default not each user having to find the most realistic setting.

    So long story short: We are not going to add a new slider for this because it would affect all aircraft and you'd have to adjust the slider after each aircraft change. That's not user friendly.

    Jet Pack, I understand what you're trying to emphasize. But please just reduce the hue in any case, but don’t remove too much just soften it thanks.

    I come here to relive this topic since all others have been closed by an administrator. I ask the developers not to ignore this but to take it into consideration there needs to be a way to remove these shadows in the fuselage like in most other games another way would be to tone down the adjustmentsas in most other games have. Thank's

    The Aerofly FS2 shares about 90% of the code with cell phones, so I believe that in the same way that there is no way to separate the shadows in AFS2, there is no way in the mobile, what I mean is that the mobile has a good shadow quality median compared to PCS for obvious reasons, so the iOS screen capture shows a more worked shadow compared to Android and presents more details but not as on the PC, so (maybe) it is possible to adjust the PC's shadow so that stay like this in photo capture, that way I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.!

    does it really help?

    The shadows that you see are a true reflection of the aircraft on itself in relation to the sun position. This function is build into the overall shadow and reflection code and is not able to be removed. You can however reduce your shadow setting to the lowest if you are having performance issues set on the higher settings.

    We do not intend on reworking the shadow code at this time.

    Thanks for the engagement, but will reducing the qualities of the shadows cause any improvement in this? for example it would improve if it were in accordance with the photo below?

    Às vezes, esse fato me incomoda quando a sombra se sobrepõe às separações da fuselagem, criando uma faixa preta, às vezes apenas de um lado. Deve haver uma configuração para remover a sombra das fuselagens apenas no avião como é nos celulares.: /

    Yes, it was because of this that I asked the developers for this option for setting the shadow of the fuselage on the plane. I would be happy if that was included in the next update.

    Especially because the Fuselage Shadow overloads the game because my PC is not very new

    Eu estava aqui imaginando como reduzir o efeito dessas linhas na fuselagem do teto do A320, isso me incomodou muito. Existe alguma maneira de reduzir a textura de sombra dessas linhas nas configurações ou texturas de sombra? Não estou pedindo para você reduzir a qualidade da textura mais a sombra, se você tiver uma configuração para que ela seja reduzida. Observe que na vida real essas linhas não são tão óbvias.

    Eu estava procurando por um tópico relacionado a isso, mas não havia como comentar, porque estava fechado.

    In real life they look so much better. It will be very nice if it appears like that.

    Saudações a todos os que sou novo no AF2. Eu tenho um controle X-BOX e queria saber como posso fazer ajustes de sensibilidade? o controle funciona bem no AF2? Eu estava procurando um bom simulador por um longo tempo e acabei de encontrar parabéns aos desenvolvedores.

    Alguém sabe como posso usar o exemplo de controles Rudder Pich etc ...?