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    the model now keeps straight in the ground start, way better that before!

    I am having some minor adjustmensts to do though on damping values.

    I have a spinner and 3 blades! The spinner is in the rigidbodygraphics Fuselage GeometryList and the blades are in propellergraphics

    Spinner shows in the model but the blades and the diskPropeller don't!



    After a "dog fight" with the model I think I found the issue... when I put wheelhull's connected to the end of joinlinear that should be the wheels connected to the landing gear the models bounces and kicks the wheels far away.

    So I removed the wheelhull's and now it is much more stable with the other models values.

    One more thing although, my model is leaning to the its right side, what is the best way to put it straight? Moving some rigidbody?

    Found another issue... how do I add the propeller geometry?

    I have in my file:






    <[string8][GeometryList][ Propeller ]>



    <[string8][GeometryBlurred][ blade1 blade2 blade3 ]>

    <[string8][GeometryDisk][ propellerDisk ]>

    but it doesn't show up!!

    thanks for your imense help


    hi all,

    Hurricane is almost ready...

    As you can see by the picture in attachment something is odd in the model and i don't know exactly what.

    The blue boxes are:

    1 rigidbody geometry

    2 collisionhull geometry

    When i leave the model in the field it flips over towards the front. I guess that is because the blue boxes are too much to the front.

    What makes me more confused is that i check in the 3d model application and r0 is setted correctly!

    Can you guide me?


    Hi JP,

    Yeah I know, this is just to make it easier to follow all the parts.

    By the way, I entered the receiver and that error is gone...

    Now there's another one,

    no ground start position found for model 'hurricane'...

    How do we define such position? I was thinking about this line, that is on my TMD

    <[vector3_float64][LookAtPosition][0 0 0]>

    But no luck! ?(

    I dont have receiver yet!

    Maybe I have to put everything together later. Because now I have several files with all the elements.

    1 file for rigidbody

    1 file for collisionhull

    1 file for rigidbodyGraphics


    all right... I am making progresses!!

    I can see the scenery now, but not the aeroplane.

    I am still having some problems with some geometry, which when I add crash the software.

    I used a different strategy this time, I broke the full TMD file in several small ones by sections, which after I am joinning together.

    I hope it is going to help me find the geometry problems!


    the order that we assemble the parts is important? Should I make the joinlinear connections first than the collisionhull declarations?

    Hi, thanks for your reply!

    I tried to convert from 256*256 resolution as I am using RC7 but it is giving me an error!

    With the resolution above 1024*768 it converted but the image doesn't show inside AF!

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know exactly the defenitions of the preview images from the "load new plane" in RC7?

    I know that for get a valid TTX file we need an .png file with 1024px x 768 px!

    But for some reason I am unable to show it in the proper slot, it is just an empty blank square with the plane's name under it!

    I think it is related with the bit depth but I tried 8bit, 16bit, 32 bit even with floating point and it is not helping.

    Any ideas that you could share?

    Thank you

    Carlos Aboim

    Hi Jan,

    That is true, the issue is that the converter is not recognizing the file _gloss.bmp to transform it in .TTX

    And this weird hollow preview? Do you know what is going on there?


    Hi Arthur,

    I am sorry to come to this thread again.

    But I want to make the C130 less glossy. I tried to make it through AC3D materials properties but I guess that's not possible.

    I believe that it's achieved just like the "model_color.bmp" that we talked before.

    But my issue is that the converter af5-makemaps.exe doesn't recognizes my "model_gloss.bmp" my file!

    This is the TM file


    // of or in connection with the use or performance of this software.

    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    loading tmfile './af5-model.tmc'= ERROR: loading tmfile './af5-model.tmc'

    saving preview 'preview.ttx'= 256x256 (ml=9) (mem=87408)

    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    // SUMMARY

    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    1 files converted

    0 files up to date

    0 errors

    0 warnings

    0 remarks


    And in the converstion of the preview.png I am not sure why it appears like this. Do you have any ideias of what is happening?

    Thank you


    Wow... that's fantastic!

    Didn't know the existance of that log...

    I can see clearly now some errors with the model,

    but I am sending it to you if you can tall my why it doesn't load!

    The specificity of those errors!

    I can see a "no ground start position" issue there as well, how do I sort it out?

    If you could add any info that you might think would be important!

    Thanks for the highlights