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    The P-38, and F4U Corsair both seem to significantly underperform, particularly at altitude. . The P-38 could achieve upwards of 419-460 mph depending on source(ground speed, so around 250 ias) in level flight at 32,000 feet, and had a service ceiling of 39-44,000 feet. But I can’t even get it to stay in the air at 32k, even if I cheat it up there already at speed, it just slows down and eventually falls out of the sky. The Lightning also had a climb rate of 3,500-4,000, and I can only get maybe 2,500 Same thing with the Corsair. it performs far under the historic figures. Is there a setting or control somewhere that I’m missing? Maybe something in the cockpit? Or, if this is just how it is, will it be fixed?