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    A potential new Aerofly user here.

    I have invested a great deal in realistic helicopter flight controls. These work great and feel very realistic in XP11, but I have also been interested in AFS2 especially because of the EC135, but also the R22.

    The thing is, reading this thread and watching some youtube videos I am a bit uncertain if the helicopter flight model really is intended for advanced/professional setups, or more for a general gaming audience?

    One thing I notice in the youtube videos that people seem to have no problem controlling the heli with VR motion controllers, which seems more "game'ish" to me, as it could never give the fine detailed input a high-end cyclic controller would.

    Another thing is that in real-life the R22 is quite tricky to hover and not all to stable, but in this thread many claim it feels very stable in the hover.

    If this simulator is meant more towards the big gaming market, it would make sense they make the helicopters a bit more forgiving than in real-life due to the fact gamers use such low-fidelity controls such as gamepads or VR motion controllers. They mostly look for eye-candy, not realism.

    To sum it up: Should I just look elsewhere if I want to make full use of my controls and get a very realistic helicopter simulation, or does the AFS2 have option to take full advantage of this kind of setup?