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    So in the steam shop you can buy the netherlands with the big airport schiphol, you can buy france with the big airport charles de gaulle and you can buy switserland (what you can also buy in mobile), but why the mobile users cant buy extra planes or extra airports?! I really like to fly in europe with new planes pless make the mobile more like the desktop version!

    Why not the A320? It's amazing and soon will be better...

    At my point the best jetliner for AF would be some regional jet, Embraer 170 or CRJ-700.

    We already have the a320 right? I do agree with the regional planes, but i still like the 737 more!

    Hello best creatirs of aerofly,

    I was wondering if you ever will add an other 737 a little bit modern then the 737-500 like the 737-800 or 737-700? I like the plane because the routes on the map are more compitable with medium haul aircrafts, because there is not much space within flying! Will you ever add a new 737?

    Hello creators of Aerofly:

    So i am not a very long player of your game but i must say i really like it! I am just wondering if you are ver going to change the facts that the cockpit of the airbus a320 is unreadeble for use and there is no pushback so that u cant spawn on the gates what is far more realistic! So maby you can add same as x plane 11 a cominucation defice what you can use to call a pushback truck! I really like youre game aspecialy the lights when it is night time! If the game ever going to make global count me in!