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    So this is my first time playing this update and it looks incredible already. Just a quick question (I feel really incompetent) what is the order to start the 320, like I just can’t find the battery or any of the switches I need. Someone help pls?:/

    Who said a new game is going to be released?

    Well the devs did say a while back, I think you covered it that the end of the year is the perfect time for a new release. Just think about how it’s been since AFS2 came. New game every year in December near Christmas time

    Hey guys, I know we’re getting even closer to the update but can a dev just confirm whether Aerofly mobile is gonna continue to get new scenery? As AviatorGamerYT mentioned in a video, OR WA and AZ are rendered into the map, just missing airports. Does this mean we will get these states in a future update or new version? So excited for the end of the year anyway, as always there probably will be a new game, I just wanna see if new scenery will be a feature of said new version 😁

    No you can’t shut the engines off in airliners yet tho I hope that’s a thing which will come to the game. I know the game is getting updated soon as well which is why I asked for this. I get you with the storage and scenery. A few liveries isn’t worth it to kill off the scenery. Plus 2 more states are most likely coming in the next aerofly mobile game, although the devs said they wanna keep the app size under 4gb

    It would be incredible to put the kg of fuel and make the calculation wrong and in the middle of the cruise flight the fuel runs out and the engines turn off that would be realistic and incredible ... To be able to make an emergency landing planning, hopefully we can have that realism in the next upgrade

    Yup that would be sweet

    Hey devs (and anyone else reading this) I was just wondering if some updates could be made for the next aerofly game or to the coming 2020 update. First is that the iOS version doesn’t seem to have the citilink or aer lingus airlines for the a320, they appear to be android only which is quite annoying.

    Secondly, are there any plans being made to put weight and balance settings into the game? It would be so cool to have cold and dark start ups and also be able to select the amount of fuel your aircraft needs for its flight, just like infinite flight. I’m only asking this since cold and dark requires engine start up and shut down to be coded in, and therefore they would shut down if the plane ran out of fuel. Can anyone tell me if this is ever going to be a thing because I’d love aerofly even more if it will be incorporated in the future.

    Thirdly, could the A320’s cruise alt with autopilot be raised slightly? It’s 32,000 for now, but as the aircraft only has 7620kg of fuel and no weight settings exist yet it’s a bit inefficient and won’t get you all the way to Denver from SFO or LAX :(

    Lastly, could the iOS versions receive some graphics settings sliders as I’ve seen some people with android devices (although they don’t get Switzerland scenery) spawn at much more detailed airports, for example a larger variety of airlines and aircraft spawning on the ground at main terminals.

    Thanks if any devs see this

    Or update the cockpit of the 500 with newer instruments

    Well I’ve read through the thread that Fares put up and it seems like people are more grateful for the older gems of 737 in the game as every other sim seems to have the -800. JetPack replied a few times saying that it would take a whole lot of remodelling to put the NG into the game, like 500 to 1000 hours just to model the exterior and program all the in flight systems like the fmc and eicas computers to ensure they work as expected. I still hope for the NG though, would be amazing to fly around in a newer 737 with the glass cockpit and of course, United, southwest, maybe copa airlines, Aeromexico, American etc, just in case you don’t like flying the -500 or the 320

    Hi there, I am wondering if we will ever get the Mojave air and space port or Airplane graveyard in the game? I’d love to fly over the airport and look at all the scrapped planes. It’s currently just part of the aerial images (see photo below)

    Oh and is there a airplane scrap yard in the game already where I can fly over and is modelled and you can land there?

    Yeah I hope we get the Mojave air and space port. I’ve also seen that there are a lot of airports in California especially which aren’t modelled. There are quite a couple near LAX which are not rendered (Hawthorne Muni and Compton Woolley) Mojave is another one, Miramar and Vandenberg AFB are also not there, as well as Oceanside municipal. Would love to see these airfields get rendered in an update or new game too

    I’m just wondering, since I really want it and I’m sure a lot of other people do, is there a possibility that we will get a newer 738 in Aerofly mobile at some point? We’ve had the -500 since AF2 and I’m just wondering since a new heli is coming soon and probably the PNW scenery, could we ever get a newer version of the 737 in aerofly as it would be so cool to fly around in one with a glass cockpit and digital instruments, just in case someone doesn’t like the -500 or want to fly the. 737’s competitor which is in the game already, the Airbus 320. If a dev could read this and reply that would be awesome


    I’m expecting they will. When 2020 came out they put up a post telling us that OR and WA are being worked on for the next game. I’m not sure about Arizona though, New York and Florida aren’t modelled but Arizona is, so I’m kinda hoping they give us AZ as well, since some of 2020’s scenery (monument valley and Grand Canyon) stretch into Arizona and these got modelled with 2020, so I’m hoping we get the rest of the state pretty soon