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    I own both Aerofly FS2 for PC and I have just downloaded FS21 on my iphone and I absolutely love it, I noticed there are a few more locations which is great! The other thing is, that it looks like the A320 has been updated with sharklets as well. Do you guys have any idea when that and the new location is going to make it to the pc version?

    **A320 navigation update**

    Spoke too soon, A320 nav is still broken. While doing a test flight using co-pilot, departed KPHX R26 using the CHILY3 departure landing KLFG R21 using I21 Approach. The plane overshot the runway at way too high an altitude and then started flying Northwesterly direction after a completely botched approach... This nav issue is a real shame, as the rest of the flight went without error until the final legs.

    Any word on a push back feature yet??

    A320 navigation, auto pilot and co-pilot seem to be following routes now:thumbup:. Upon arrival, altitude was set for 100 ft but, the plane still auto landed fine using co-pilot.

    I have noticed ever since the updates, that my computer is throwing off a ton of heat and the fans are running full force when playing the alpha now. I have confirmed this does not happen in beta. Is there something you guys have been tweaking around with performance wise? My computer is pretty powerful and I am still getting an even 120 fps on ultra, but I have never noticed the fan issue until the update. Also, thrust on the A320 is still not working properly in regards to taxiing. It takes 30%-32% N1 to get the plane moving, even when it is not loaded up for a long flight. Before the update, it felt much more natural.

    Were you guys able to look at the sound issues for the 737/747 wing view (coding it to use internal cockpit sounds for the wing views on these two planes instead of external sounds which are too loud)?

    Lastly, when in cruise, the bank angle is too great. When changing course to follow the route, the plane banks pretty far to the right and to maintain speed, the engines go from 65%-70% N1 all the way up to 96% to maintain speed. Other than these small issues, everything else is looking good.

    I cannot fly any of the helicopters in this game yet :D, so I cannot speak to EC135, but it looks and sounds amazing! :thumbup:

    First time poster. Just wanted to state that this is such a great sim to fly in. My home town of PHX looks amazing!

    As I have been testing the alpha, even with the most recent update, the A320 still does not fly a route. The minute you turn on auto pilot or co pilot, the altitude is set at 100' and the plane just slowly flies itself into the ground after a brief left turn. This was noted with the very first route that I plugged in from KPHX R26 to KFLG R21 using CHILY3 departure. FD also does not indicate course either. When flying completely off course, the FD still shows a perfect cross instead of directing which way to turn to return to the route. Additionally, are you able to look into the taxi thrust issue as well? It takes up to 30% N1 to even get the plane moving and when put back to idle the plane slows down quickly. Taxiing felt much better in the current version of the sim. Lastly, is there any way to get a push back feature?? I fly mostly the A320 in the southwest and would love to position my plane at the gate to make it a little more realistic. This really should be a basic function of a sim that includes passenger airliners. No tug animation is needed (would be nice though), but at least a way to select push back and guide the plane where it needs to be to taxi out.

    **Update** At first I thought this might be a problem with the new departures/arrivals SIDS/STARS, so I just made a route to KPHX to KFLAG using the old method of runway to runway direct. This had promising results as the plane started to clime out and begin the right turn North for Flagstaff, setting altitude to 20,000 ft. After a minute of turning right going completely off course, then making a left turn, altitude was set to 100' and we started the decent to the ground. Which flight did you guys test the A320 on? Maybe I can see if that works for me.

    Thank you for your continued work on this big update! Keep up the great work! :thumbup: