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    The Delta livery is a bit bright (blue should be darker) and the winglets should be coloured. The "ship number" is also incorrect and displayed in the not all the correct places.

    The "2000" callout is also missing.

    Yeah ever since the 737s arrived I feel like the Airbus’s has been deprived of some love :(

    The grey paint around the cockpit windows of the a320 looks a little tacky even though it exists on some liveries in real life like lufthansa but for liveries like delta it should be white like the new air New Zealand livery and not grey it nags me quite a bit knowing it’s not supposed to be there

    Also the GPWS callouts on both Airbus’s the 10 callout rarely announces even with a really slow decent rate and the 5 callout is way too fast almost like it’s saying it in a hurry I think it’s a quick fix that should be in the next update:)

    Yeah I was quite impressed with the a320 sound the first time I flew the plane cuz it is way better than what I experienced in Infinite Flight but not so much after flying the 737s. Hopefully the devs will update it in the future.

    Infinte flight is a load of garbage, 😂 I’m a airbus guy and I stoped flying the a320 for a little while because of the interior sound. It’s sounds atrocious

    Really sucks especially for the a320 in the US having very little liveries to choose from even though there are quite a range of CFM56 operators

    Yeah man it does suck I’d like to see the IAE so we can get jetblue spirit American United and more. I also don’t understand why KFLL is 3d and doesn’t have parking spots because I recently moved to Florida from Boston and it’s very close so it would be nice to do flight from cold and dark

    The game gets boring having to fly the same routes, because of limited liveries. On top of that I can't fly from most of the airports and countries where these liveries are based at, because they don’t have parking spots or gates. I think the devs should add a feature where you are able to spawn at any airport cold and dark without parking spots.

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    See videos of KSNA takeoff: the aircraft holds its pedal brakes during the spoolup. I'd very much like to see this implemented.

    Yes even tho infinite flight is absolutely poop there are a couple features in their sim that would be a great addition to aerofly for example the feature of reducing the fps to 10 during cruise or when you’re not actively touching the device it automatically turns on which consumes less power from the device and also the breaks feature on the rudder.

    use max autobrakes and hold down throttle bar to max 100%.

    If aerofly have to implement rudder breaks i think you need to lower your camera and touch both rudders at same time. And while applying breaks if you have to do anything else with the cockpit ( turning on lights/disengaging autopilot moving camera angle etc ) you need to remove your one finger from rudder which will obviously slide aircraft to one direction. And if somehow you are able to use third finger to do something like this which i think most of people use two fingers in gaming specially while holding device horizontally It wont be possible for them to just use rudder with two fingers while landing.

    your idea is good perhaps aerofly can add specific button which you can use while landing to apply rudder breaks.

    I think you might of misunderstood what I meant:D I meant when your taking off on a small runway you cant hold the breaks to spool up without rolling because it's implemented in the throttle or unless you use the parking break which isn’t realistic so it would be better if it was implemented in the rudder instead.

    Ever thought about implementing the brakes on the rudder? it would be a great addition because, when you’re using small runways and need all the runway you can’t spool while holding the brake without rolling. there’s no way to really do that unless you use the parking brake which to my knowledge isn’t realistic.

    A330 would be the greatest thing to happen to the sim in my opinion. It's been far too long since an Airbus was added. The last one came in FS2 over six years ago.

    yeah man the a330 would be fantastic right now, I was quite disappointed when xplane came out with their a330 on mobile becuase it wasn’t pleasing at all in terms of quality but the aircraft sounds amazing. It looked like they slapped sum together and gave us the update, I know aerofly could do much better but there are issues that need imminent fixing before adding other aircraft.

    Airbus hasn't gotten any new aircraft in the sim and previous versions, it seems to be only Boeing getting all the attention while airbus is pushed to the side. I think the aerofly community would like to see a new Airbus wide body aircraft like the A350 or A330 for us to sore through the skies on aerofly